What is CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess & How to Solve its Problem.

CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess is a windows program with the extension .exe, meaning it is an executable file. The file extension (.exe) is an abbreviation for executable, and you should make sure you only install the file from trusted sources. Running executable files on your PC can alter its normal functions or cause it harm.

You can run the file on antivirus software to find out if it is genuine or a virus. If the latter turns out to be problematic, then you need to delete it immediately. Sometimes the .exe file may display as an error in Windows 10, 8, and 7 if it uses much space on your CPU.

CefSharp.CefSharp Authors create BrowserSubprocess, and it is compatible with your C# or VB.NET application. Windows do not require the program, but other applications like Razer Cortex on your C:\ (C drive) need it. Therefore, if it is not necessary for you, it is better to get rid of it. 

Is CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe Necessary?

The file does not take up much space(14,848 bytes) on RAM regularly, nor does it freeze your computer. However, it is often used to mask spyware which in turn appears like an original file. Installing such files will cause problems for your computer, like taking up too much memory. Deleting this program is the best way to deal with any error bearing its title and avoid issues.

Since the file is typically stored on your C drive (C: \ Windows or C: \ Windows \ System32 folder), the error may appear on Windows 7, 8, or 10.

How to Repair CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe Errors?

Keeping your computer clean and tidy will save you a lot of headaches with many programs like CefSharp. A clean PC means running a malware scan often, cleaning your hard drive, deleting programs you don’t use, activating Windows automatic updates, and checking for Autostart programs (with Msconfig ). Also, avoid creating backup files often or have restore points.

Anytime you have issues on your PC, try to recall the last program you installed or whatever task you performed lately, as it may be the cause of your problems. No matter the kind of issues you are experiencing, do not remove Windows but repair it by running this command DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth. Your PC will be corrected without losing any data. And, here are the most common errors relating to this program.

The cefsharp browser subprocess can trigger many errors like CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess has stopped working, End Program– cefsharp.browsersubprocess.exe, This program is not responding, or cefsharp.browsersubprocess.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

The error will show on your PC regardless of the browser you are using, and you need to apply either of these solutions to resolve them.

  1. End CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe

If the file is non-responsive, the most viable option is to remove it from your Windows Operating System. You can access the file from the task manager and click on Stop to shut it following the steps below.

  1. Launch Task Manager.
  2. Navigate to the Processes tab, locate CefSharp BrowserSubprocess, then End the task.
  3. Check to see if the error CefSharp BrowserSubprocess high memory usage persists.
  4. If the issue still exists on your Windows device, you need to uninstall the program.

2. Use CefSharp Scanner Options

Security Task Manager – All tasks running on Windows display, including the hidden functions like a keyboard or browser monitoring and autostart entries. Scanning each program will indicate if it is genuine or a potential risk for malware or virus. 

Free Antivirus – Installing antivirus software on your PC is inevitable as it runs every time you start your PC and removes any spyware from your hard drive. It is an excellent alternative for the Security Task Manager.

Restore Repair Tool– A repair tool that optimizes your PC through scans and cleaning then repairs the system for free.

3. Delete the CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe Files

The above options can temporarily fix high CPU usage. However, if the file is outside its usual location(C:\, C drive), you must follow these steps to delete it.

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows icon + E keys together to launch File Explorer.
  2. Locate the CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe file and right-click on it to find the file location.
  3. Choose all CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe files and Tap Delete.

Pro-Tip: Avoid deleting files on the C:\Windows\system32 folder. Also, pressing Ctrl + F keys opens a search box, and you can type CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe, then give windows time to locate the file for you.


CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess is a program that is compatible with your Windows PC, and it is legit. However, it is easy for spyware, viruses, or malware to camouflage the program, get installed on your PC, damage the device, or alter normal operations. If you find yourself in such a situation, the solutions above will help restore your Windows system to normal.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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