10 Best Toorgle Alternatives

Toorgle is an online torrent search engine by Google, and it searches for like Websites. It can make a refined search for as many as over 450 sites and then delivers the best results depending on a quest. There are other alternatives to the search engine, including several websites with vast torrent libraries. Users can search for the right kind of information relating to their content and the results displayed.


With over 55,000 000 torrent indexes, the Facebook application and firefox are also on the search bar. In addition, Toorgle comes with a search bar like Google’s, where users can search for information or downloads like software, video games, and films.

Google established Toorgle as the equivalent of its torrent users. The search engine works the same, and the only difference is providing torrent files fetched from other torrent sites and then delivering valid results as sought by the user. 

Best Toorgle Alternatives

1. The Pirate Bay

It is known as the world’s most resilient BitTorrent site: a Website that permits users to perform searches, download, or upload content to other torrent sites. In addition, the site conducts a torrent search as a search engine to grant users a web-based download experience.

2. Torrent9

Find all trending and latest movies on Torrent9, games, and films.

3. Zoogle

Zooqle is an excellent torrent site that provides data for new movies, PDFs, games, and Software apps, among others. 

4. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is an open-source torrent search engine that provides unique content to its users and is known worldwide as an independent. It has an advanced search engine system that endears most users by delivering the best results in an easy way of search. All torrent site users are welcome to try and explore anything by providing limited information about their target.

5. KAT.cr.to

KAT.cr.to is another mega torrent site where users can download or upload content from another torrent via a meta link using a torrent client or download manager. It delivers torrent data from any torrent provider. Its primary advantage is that it is up to date with fresh and trending content, which is uncommon. 

6. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is much like pirate bay, and you can search and download TV shows, serials, videos, music, and games. 

7. Demonoid

Demonoid is a unique platform to share related data and have discussions of the best BitTorrent Trackers. Torrent sites are illegal, and they change URLs often to avoid being shut down. If you try to access Demonoid and it is unreachable, it is probably down or moving servers. Look for a redirection link and click on it to access the site. Also, it is a comprehensive provider of all torrent needs. With its core features and services, it is a solution designed to accommodate all users. 


IsoHunt is an authorized online peer-to-peer torrent provider of BitTorrent. The site has numerous torrent data running into thousands. The files are arranged into various categories; music, videos, movies, books, software, programs, apps, and more. Visitors have the opportunity to search, upload or download endless torrent content without limitations of shape or size. 


BitSnoop is a torrent service provider that uses a peer-to-peer system to deliver search results to users. A single through its peers displays valid data results from thousands of peers. As a result, BitSnoop is an efficient site for users looking for fresh content to download fast. 

The site has over twenty-four million torrent files updated regularly and hundreds of more content added to the site. However, with a vast database, it heavily depends on content from other torrent providers. 

10. TorrentReactor

There are millions of valid torrent sites, including Torrent Reactor, among the world’s best providers. The content on the site is divided into various categories; adult, anime, music, movies, series, and TV shows.

Visitors to this site can search for anything from the search bar or under the categories. There is also a segment for popular and trending content. It is an advanced search engine system that does not need users to type or provide many details of what they seek. Additionally, users can share content from this site which does happen on other torrent sites. 

11. SumoTorrent

Quality is what describes SumoTorrent, not the quantity of content. It is a BitTorrent with top-rated data across all fields. Users can download data from the site fast and conveniently. If the site crashes, the system is automatically repaired, and users can carry on their business as if nothing happened. 


A torrent site provides torrent data like movies, videos, and music to users for free across the world. Unfortunately, most torrent sites disappear once they gain immense popularity. If for whatever reason, you are unable to access Toorgle, the Google torrent version, then you can access the alternatives above to get the same data. Some are torrent websites, while others are search engines for torrent content. 

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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