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SFF, short for the small form factor, refers to small PC builds. These days, small (mini-ITX) builds have become quite common, so hardware manufacturers have made products solely meant for mini-ITX builds. That includes all hardware, from GPUs to power supplies. In this article, we’ll be talking about small-sized power supplies. They’re called SFX power supplies.

They’re used in every mini-ITX build because of their size, so if you’re planning to build a mini-ITX PC, you’ll need to be aware of the best SFX power supplies out there. We’ve picked out three of the best SFX power supply for you so you don’t have to hustle for a good SFX PSU. Without further delay, here are 3 of the best SFX power supply i.e. SFX PSUs. 

Best SFX PSUs:

#1: Corsair SF450 Gold

The Corsair SF450 is a 450W budget power supply. It’s quite affordable, and perfect for mini-ITX builds, especially if you’re building a mid, or low-end PC. 450W is perfect for low-end builds, especially if you’re only utilizing one GPU. Going for a 600W build would be overkill in these cases, so it’s best if you go for a lower-wattage power supply like this one. 

Most SFF builds utilize 450W PSUs, and they work great, even under 100% load. The Corsair SF450 Gold is among the best 450W PSUs for mini-ITX builds. For its cheap price, you’re not compromising on the performance at all. It provides the utmost efficiency with great power delivery, even under loads.

Corsair SF450

The PSU stays silent under full load as well, and it’s the best choice for a single-GPU build. But if you’re building a dual-GPU PC, you’ll want to go for 600W PSUs, or if you’re looking for complete peace of mind regarding TDPs. The gold version will suffice for most builds, so there’s no need to go for the platinum version of the SF450.

There’s minimal difference between the two, and provide similar levels of efficiency. The only good thing you’ll be getting from the Platinum version is the sleeved cables. So it’s recommended that you go for the gold version, especially since it’s cheaper. The non-sleeved cables are fairly easier to use as well, especially in SFF builds.

#2: Corsair SF600 Platinum

If you’re building a high-end PC, you’ll need more than 450 watts. The second SFX PSU is the Corsair SF600 Platinum PSU. Unlike the SF450’s platinum version, this one’s far better than its gold version. It’s the best 600W PSU you can find at an affordable price without compromising on any of the performance.


With great build quality, high efficiency, and voltage stability, there’s no reason you shouldn’t pick the Corsair SF600 for your high-end build. You can even switch the fans to a semi-fanless mode if you want, and it can handle just about anything you throw at it performance-wise. It’s the perfect choice for SFF builds.

#3: Corsair SF750 Platinum

The Corsair SF750 Platinum certified PSU is overkill for most SFF builds, but it’s the best SFX 750W power supply you can find. It isn’t even that expensive and performs astoundingly, even in power systems running Ryzen 9s with RTX 2080Tis. 

So if you’re building a PC with a Ryzen 9 processor, and Nvidia’s RTX 2000 series GPUs, you’ll want to go with the Corsair SF750 Platinum certified PSU. But if it’s out of your budget, the SF750 Gold is a good alternative with very similar performance. But if you can, go with the SF750 Platinum version.


The Corsair SF750 platinum provides the best performance with great efficiency levels and excellent power delivery. It stays silent with 0dB operation up to 300W. The SF750 Platinum comes with braided cables that you won’t get with its gold version.

This 750W PSU is pretty overkill for most SFF builds, so there’s really no need to get one unless you need the extra wattage. If you don’t, then the 600W option mentioned above is a much better choice, especially since it’s a lot cheaper.

If you have any further queries or would like to add something to this article about the Best SFX power supply? do leave a comment down below, and we’ll try to respond to as many as we can!

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