What is Digital TV Tuner Registration Application? How to Remove Application?

The digital TV tuner can receive digital signals from your local TV stations. The Digital TV tuner is a well-known part of the Windows media center’s programming. It’s a simple feature that can be viewed directly on your PC from your nearest cable TV provider on any of the TV channels. In most cases, the Digital TV Tuner registration application is installed with some freeware (free software) on your PC.

Digital TV Tuner Registration Application

EhPrivJob.exe is a non-system process and is the main process in the digital TV tuner system registry. It is used for optical cable tuner connections that can be connected to your PC. The abbreviation ‘eh’ comes from EHome and is a part of the optical TV tuner.

There are no such issues with the Digital TV Tuner Device and its Registry Application or the procedure behind the application, purely from the perspective of protection. But it slows your PC down significantly from an output point of view while you are constantly using the TV tuning. However, it only affects the boot times and does not affect machine output when the sequence is over.

The Reasons for the Application of Digital TV Tuner Device

Most of the programs installed will store your device and registry data, leading to a broken-down process. It produces invalid inputs. So the performance of your PC eventually slows down.

ehPrivJob.exe is a phase underway with machine code for the Digital TV Tuner Device Record Application (DTA). This loads it into the RAM of your PC and works as a Windows Media Center process.

Although not CPU-intensive, it can affect your PC’s efficiency, particularly if you run too many processes simultaneously. You can disable processes that start automatically when starting to reduce such overload.

5 Settings on Registration Issues for Digital TV Tuner Device

There are five approaches for fixing the problems with the application for the digital TV tuner:

Method 1: Use Resource Manager and Finish

One way to fix the registration error of the Digital TV Tuner is to stop the operation, which is the cause of the problem. Go through the following steps:

Step 1: The task manager on your PC needs to be opened. You can either right-click and pick the choice Open Task Manager or press the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys on your keyboard together.

Step 2: Pick the Performance tab and open the Resource Monitor in the window from there.

Step 3: You must find the ehPrivJob.exe process here under the Processes tab. Then press Finishing Job.

Step 4: Just click on the OK button and the Task Manager Window will be closed.

Step 5: Just Reboot your PC.

Method 2: How to Switch off control panel Windows Features

Step 1: First, open your PC’s Control Panel. To open this, you can use the keyboard shortcut or check the Control Panel option.

Step 2: Pick Programs and Features from the options list here.

Step 3: Switch the Windows feature toggle off now.

Step 4: Pick and extend the Media features by clicking the Expand button.

Step 5: Find and uncheck the option Windows Media Center here.

Step 6: To lock the window and restart your PC, click the OK button to enable new adjustments to take place.

Method 3: Disable scheduled tasks 

Ehdrminit – It is one of the leading causes behind the application error for the digital TV Tuner unit. This disabling task will also help to resolve the application problem of the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration. These basic steps can be followed to do this:

Step 1: The start menu must first be opened. Now, use a keyboard shortcut or check for the Task Scheduler option.

Step 2: Here, the Task Scheduler Library option should be clicked.

Step 3: Open a folder for Microsoft.

Step 4: Open the Windows folder from here now and turn the ehdrminit task off.

Step 5: Now shut down your PC to all open files.

Step 6: Restart your PC to make the modifications efficient.

Method 4: Removing the folder of DRM

The word “management of digital rights” refers to any scheme that uses technology to restrict access to copyrighted content. It eliminates access to power and places it in the hands of the computer program from the individual who owns digital content. To fix your problem, you should try the following steps to remove the DRM folder on your PC:

Step 1: You, first of all, have to open your Windows PC to File Explorer or My PC.

Step 2: Pick the Program option now, and then press the Data Directory.

Step 3: Open the folder of Microsoft and pick the choice for Windows.

Step 4: Choose the DRM folder here and remove it.

Step 5: Restart your PC once.

Final Words

So you can use the above methods to resolve the Digital TV Tuner Recording Application problem on your PC and find one that is better suited for you.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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