When you finally get some spare time to play a video game, you sit there and will be so excited to play and it won’t run, it’s irritating. So many users had an issue that they were unable to play their favorite games because EA’s Origin won’t open. In this case, we cannot play games without any error.

So, when you look at gaming. We always have problems related to this, don’t we? Are you always feeling, there must be something that helps you out of it? Can we fix the origin that won’t open? For all these questions the answer is this blog, you can find about the origin won’t open error, and also how to fix this or how is this resolved. Let us start this.

What is the origin that won’t open an error introduction?

Electronic Arts Origin is a gaming multiplayer party line online. It’s free to use, and you won’t be charged anything for Origin access. You don’t need a membership to buy video games. Many games are available for free on Origin as well. Fortnite and Battle Royale are famous enough.

Then, why isn’t the Origin loading, and how may this be resolved? The good news is that the issue with launching can be quickly and simply resolved.

origin won't open

Following is the list of solutions for Origin not opening that many users have found to be effective:

  • You can go through the compatibility checker.
  • You need windows updates to be checked for.
  • Remove any cache files from your computer.
  • Delete the temporary files that are on your computer.
  • Do a fresh installation of your operating system by performing a clean boot.
  • You can see whether The application is reinstalled, by this time it has to be reinstalled.
  • Change the name of originTMP to the original name of the project.
  • Exceptions should be made for the Origin website in antivirus software, not the entire website.
  • Look at it if you can find any new versions of the graphics drivers available.

The above can be effective solutions for an origin not opening. Disappointment is unnecessary because the problem may be resolved quickly and effectively, allowing you to resume your gaming activities without interruption.

In the following, you can also see origin won’t open solutions that can fix the problems well

Many people have been able to remedy the problem by experimenting with various solutions. You may go through them all and see which one you like most.

1. Perform a compatibility check using the Compatibility Troubleshooter

The issue may arise as a result of your operating system not being compatible with the program at this time. Start the Windows version compatibility troubleshooter to see whether it works. Compatibility troubleshooter: run it and repair the problem by following these steps:

  • Go to properties by right-clicking the origin symbol in your Start menu.
  • Go to the compatibility tab in the compatibility troubleshooter for an opting run.
  • For a more thorough test, use the Try suggested settings link instead of the Try default settings. To know more about its working, check the following steps
  • Even after this, it didn’t work, try compatibility troubleshooting another time, after selecting the other option, Troubleshoot Program, and make your selections depending on the errors you observe.
  • If it doesn’t work, you may try these manual adjustments.
  • Compatibility mode: To test an earlier version of Windows, choose this option.
  1. Try Disabling Fullscreen Optimization: To see if it helps, try turning off full-screen optimization. As a result of poor FPS and crash issues in several games.
  2.  Execute as an Administrator: The Origin may not operate correctly if you don’t grant it administrator access when you run the application.

2. check if there are any Windows updates available

  • If your version of Windows is more than a decade old, Origin may not work correctly. Check whether upgrading your Windows to a new version will fix the issue.
  • The update may be found on the start menu by typing update into the search bar.
  • In the Windows Update window, to see upgrades press Check.
  • Once the updates have been completed properly, you should restart your computer.

3. Delete any cache files that may have accumulated.

Cache files in the program may be the source of the problem. You always may want to check to clear the cache and relaunch the application.

  • If Origin is running, stop it. A better option to start is the task manager.
  • Press Windows + R at the same time the dialogue box will be visible. After that, type % ProgramData % and hit enter.
  • Clear your cache if Origin isn’t running properly.
  • Locate and access the origin folder when Step 3 is pressed a window appears.
  • These files in this folder should be deleted leaving for the local content folder.

4. Remove all temporary files from your computer:

  • The temporary files origin saved in a folder named AppData may also be deleted after clearing the cache files.
  • The run dialogue is opened as if there is no wind.
  • Delete the original folder from the newly opened window. Unhide the hidden files if it doesn’t appear.
  • The Origin program won’t open because of temporary files that were deleted.
  •  In this window, choose AppData in the address bar.
  • The Origin program won’t open because of temporary files that were deleted.
  • You should then go to the local folder you have created and remove the origin folder.
  • The Origin program won’t open because of temporary files that were deleted.
  • Launch the application again after restarting your computer. After you’ve tried that and it hasn’t worked, move on to the next option.


By the end of the blog,  you might’ve cleared all your doubts. Now you can go forward with gaming without any interruption even if you find any, it is going to be easy with all the above-mentioned solutions. If one doesn’t work you can choose many other options as this article provides ample solutions which are also effective.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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