French Football League Results

Today football is the most popular sports type worldwide and in France, in particular. Both adults and children, professionals and amateurs play football. But, of course, Ligue 1, the main football championship, is the most popular. The French Football League 1 table is available on our website as well and is constantly updated and supplemented.

French Football League results

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Football in France

Ligue 1, consisting of the top 20 French football teams, is the major one in France. The next place is taken by League 2, consisting of 20 teams, and the third place – is by National, National 2, and National 3.

French Football League takes the 5th in Europe, according to UEFA (Union of European Football Associations). The only French club that managed to win the most prestigious European competition – the Champions League. It was the «Olympique de Marseille» football team.

Besides, it is worth noting that French fans distinguish from other ones. Various teams’ fans are prohibited to stay together at the stadium most of the time. France, like many other European countries, once became a victim of hooligans, who were violent and used football for political reasons or just a reason to fight.

However, it’s worth noting that matches between French teams are spectacular while being accompanied by a high intensity and dedication level of each team’s player. French football is interesting for everyone, including both football newcomers and experienced fans as well as those, who like to bet and win.

League 1 Table

22Bet provides French championship match data. Visit our website and look through the current table of French Ligue 1. The first two teams apply for participation in the Champions League at a group stage. The team, taking third place, has got a chance to participate in the Champions League at the qualifying group stage. The team, taking fourth place, provides a fixed starting spot for the Europa League group stage. The last two teams switch to the second French League.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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