Team Vitality Proves They’re Still The World’s Best At BLAST With Win Over Australia

French side Team Vitality has been running rampant over the second half of 2020 in the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and continued to justify their position as the number one ranked side in the world according to HLTV with a big win over Astralis at the BLAST Fall Finals. Apex and co. had managed to get over their grand final curse and bag a win at IEM Beijing Online against Na’Vi less than a month ago, and their continued use of a six-man roster is continuing to create a truly daunting map pool for anyone to try and crack. 

BLAST Fall Finals Grand Final

Vitality bagged themselves $225,000 of the tournament’s $425,000 prize purse, and their 16-4, 14-16 and 16-5 tallies show that this series was one that they absolutely dominated and deserved to win. Against possibly the finest side to ever touch the game has ever produced, it’s another serious step on Vitality’s journey road to world domination. One of the best betting sites in Kenya- 22Bet has all got covered & can help you earn big this time.

Here’s how the drama unfolded at the BLAST Fall Finals Grand Final. 


Australia is the best team in the world on Vertigo with a 72% win percentage over the last three months, bettered only by their 76% on Inferno. It’s their specialist map pick and usually the ultimate punishment for a side that normally results in a series taking a 1-0 lead for the Danes, but they weren’t quite ready for this version of Vitality. 

Misutaaa has arguably been the pro to benefit the most from Vitality’s switch to a six-man roster, but his performance on Vertigo marked a whole new level for him. Just read over these stats and remember that he’s a nineteen-year-old still in his first year of top-level Counter-Strike playing against the world’s best: 26 kills, 7 deaths, 127 damage dealt per round, and a scarcely believable 2.12 rating. Those numbers are absurd and were head and shoulders above anyone else in the server as Vitality defied the CS: GO odds and swept Astralis 16-14.

Dust 2

Despite his unreal performance on Vertigo, Vitality stuck with their strategy over the past couple of months and substituted Misutaaa out for Nivera for the second map on Dust II. Nivera has averaged at least twenty kills over the past couple of tournaments on Dust II and has really made a name for himself as a specialist on the map.

Australia is nothing if not winners, however, and have a record on Dust II that shouldn’t ever be sniffed at. Even though they didn’t call upon their sixth man, Bubzkji, Astralis’ legendary CT side saw them take the first eight rounds and put them in the driving seat for a win on map two. 

Despite this hefty lead though, Astralis have pegged back time and time again and were reliant on a semi-buy in the 30th round to get over the line at 16-14. 

The device, Dupreeh, and Magisk all managed to bag over twenty kills on the map, whereas only Apex and Zywhoo managed to do the same for Vitality, showcasing where the tipping points were on Dust II as the Danes took the series the distance of a third map. 


It’s sometimes the way that winning a close series by the narrowest of margins can completely destabilize the momentum aside, however, that’s where the beauty of Vitality’s six-man roster comes in. Shox dropped out of the active lineup with Misutaaa returning in again, and the series’ final match, Inferno, was anything but a blowout for Astralis. 

All five members of Vitality made up the server’s five best players, with Zywhoo, RpK, and Nivera all racking up a 1.50 rating with 23, 20, and 18 kills across the 21 rounds only needed to decide the result in the Frenchmen’s favor. 

16-5 was the second blowout of the series in favor of Vitality and not only put the result beyond doubt but really did issue a statement that this was now the world’s finest org flexing itself on the big stage.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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