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The Shadow Reef or the third phase of the Elite Dungeons is all about monsters (too many of them) and dungeons. It is all about combats and looting. Here is a quick and simple guide to the ED3 RS3. I am going to explain to you every monster encountered in these dungeons in detail. This guide is going to give you an in-depth insight on all the 3 bosses in Elite Dungeons 3 Runescape- Taraket the Necromancer, the Crassian Leviathan and the big boss who is responsible for all these monsters Kranon the Ambassador. Elite Dungeons encounters you to deal with 20 mobs, 16 mini bosses and 3 bosses.

ED3 RS3 Mobs-

  • Zombies
    They show up from level 11. They often keep appearing in the first 4 sections of The Shadow Reef. These cause mediocre damage.
  • Summoned Zombies
    They show up from level 12. They are summoned by one of the bosses, Taraket the Necromancer.
  • Summoned Skeletons
    They show up from level 68 and are the aggressive kind.
  • Crassian Scuttler
    These monsters cause extremely high damage and are shown up from level 84.
  • Armoured Zombies
    They show up from levels 86, they are the aggressive kind as well and are a little harder to kill than Zombies without armour.
  • Summoned Skeleton Archer
    These Skeletons show up from level 98 and are summoned by the Necromancer.
  • Skeleton Archer
    These aggressive monsters appear from level 100. They attack from afar, therefore they are hard to reach.
  • Cloaked Zealot
    These are encountered from level 105. They come with magical powers, they have the power to create Crassian Warriors.
  • Death Lotus Rogue
    This enemy is encountered from level 105. They are neither aggressive nor poisonous in nature. They use weapons to attack.
  • Enlightened Sotapanna
    These show up from level 105. They are aggressive in nature and attack with one weapon.
  • Ulthven Necromancer
    Like the Cloaked Zealots even they have powers to summon Zombies, Armoured Zombies and Skeletons. Encountered from level 105.
  • Summoned Armoured Zombie
    These show up from level 107. These kinds are summoned by Ulthven Necromancer.
  • Crassian Scout
    These are encountered from level 111, they keep appearing in the first, second and fifth sections.
  • Huge Skeleton
    They appear from level 113. They are aggressive and cause higher damage.
  • Wrapped Skeleton
    They appear from level 113. These are aggressive monsters that possess magical powers.
  • Kal’gerion Demon
    This shows up from level 114. These come with superior magical powers that drain out the opponent’s health.
  • Crassian Warrior
    These are encountered from level 117. These aggressive monsters keep appearing in the first, second and fifth sections.
  • Sea Horror
    This is encountered from level 119. These have powers to reproduce themselves, they use a special kind of attack on their target which involves screaming.
  • Bossy McBossFace’s First Mate
    This one is Bossy McBossFace’s skeleton and shows up from level 122.
  • Undead Witch
    She is encountered from level 170. This one works with powerful magical spells to cause maximum damage to the player’s health.
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ED3 RS3 MiniBosses-

  • Cooper
    Cooper has a special power to fire cannon balls and cause damage to players’ health. This MiniBoss is encountered from level 111.
  • Tombi, Khan of Thalassia
    His bodyguards are Death Lotus Rogues, he is a resurrected MiniBoss and shows up occasionally from level 111.
  • Shrine Maiden Elie
    Her weapon is a water staff and she is encountered from level 111.
  • Ulthven Keith
    Ulthven Keith appears from level 117 and has the power to replicate himself in the first stage.
  • Lady Himiko
    Lady Himiko is seen in the second section from level 117. She drones an eastern royal robe and holds a magic weapon called the Rage of Hyu-Ji in her hand.
  • Eye of Cythan
    The eye of Cythan is seen from level 118. She is often seen dorning the Scorpion Outfit or the Cursed Reaver Garb and holds a weapon called Nefarious Spire.
  • Hand of Dagnath
    Similar to the Eye of Cythan, the hand of Dagnath also dorns the same outfits and weapons. She shows up from level 118.
  • Maw of Kolthregar
    Unlike the hand of Dagnath and Eye of Cythan she doesn’t hold the Nefarious Spire but instead holds a Scythe, although dorning the same outfits. Appears from level 118.
  • Quetzathog
    Also the unacclaimed leader of Sea Horrors. Quetzathog appears from level 119.
  • Bossy McBoss Face
    Although a Zombie in nature, he can replicate himself into Skeletons to fight along. Bossy McBoss Face shows up from level 123.
  • Hanto
    Hanto attacks using black magic, which causes severe health damage to the character. Hanto is encountered from level 140.
  • Yor’Ger the Deceiver
    Demon by race and aggressive by nature, Yor’Ger the Deceiver shows up from level 200.
  • Boggoth
    Boggoth appears in the last section at level 300. It has the power to summon Crassian Warriors and Crassian Scouts.
  • Oreb the Majestar
    Oreb the Majestar is an aggressive soul devourer who is encountered from level 899.
  • Masuta the Descended
    Masuta the Ascended has been incarnated as Masuta the Descended. He appears from level 1000.
  • Black Stone Scuttler
    This crab can replicate itself from the third section. Does not come with a combat level.

ED3 RS3 Bosses-

  • Taraket the Necromancer
    Taraket the Necromancer is encountered at level 1000. He is the second Boss to show up in the dungeon. Its attack is aggressive yet more dangerous than the Crassian Leviathan’s. Taraket the Necromancer comes with magical powers, due to which they possess powers to summon the Zombies, Skeletons and other dead creatures. Only when you destroy the Boss is when the summons will stop showing up. Even after killing the boss, you will encounter a couple more mobs and minibosses on your way ahead.
  • The Crassian Leviathan
    Crassian Leviathan is encountered at level 1500. He is the first Boss to show up in the dungeon. Its attack is both aggressive and poisonous in nature. Although dealing with Crassian Leviathan is simple, all you have to do is dodge its attack by shifting to the opposite side of the attack as soon as possible. His attack involves spitting green goo, your only defence mechanism is to be quick and shift to a side. After killing the Crassian Leviathan enter the hole on the ship and head ahead. Even after killing the boss, you will encounter a couple more mobs and minibosses on your way ahead.
  • Kranon The Ambassador
    Kranon The Ambassador is the final boss to show up in the dungeon and is encountered at level 5000. In order to capture Xau-Tak this boss allies with the rest. Dragonkin by race, this boss performs three major moves, if you surpass these you will reach the end.

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