Is Technology making us Lazy or Dependable?

Almost every single one of us owns a mobile these days. We take it everywhere we go and use it for various reasons. People also own computers, and consoles to game for the entire day. There’s also the internet; you can find and do just about anything on the internet. And with smartphone devices, people don’t even need to remember cell phone numbers.

It’s astonishing how far technology has come. There are so many tools and gadgets to make every task easier. You can even find cooking gadgets, and they’ll do most of the cooking for you. There are also several online TV series and entertainment accessories that one can’t live without these.

We’re so addicted to technology that we can’t live without it, even for a second. But that begs the question, “Is Technology making us lazy or dependable?”. That has to be true given the amount of time we spend on our favorite devices, and the ease of access they provide for our daily tasks.

We depend so much on technology now that machines do most of our work for us now. That’s made us almost completely dependent on technology. In this article, we’ll elaborate on that, and mention things that people use more often than others.

Is technology making us lazy or dependable

Do you even leave your house at this point?

With all the sources of entertainment available on the internet, is there even a point in going outside? You no longer need to get dressed or take a shower so you can drive to the movies with your friends. That’s still a thing, and if you want to watch a movie early, that’s the most viable option; but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary.

You can watch these movies at home on the internet. There are several movie websites that you can use to manage your favorite movie or TV series. You don’t even have to rely on your TV, and wait for the show to come up any longer. There are so many things you can do without leaving your house if you have the means to.

You can get up, and binge all your favorite series on Netflix the entire day. Technology has made us so lazy that some of us don’t even move from our spot the whole day unless it’s to get something to eat or use the restroom. There are so many entertainment devices out there like PCs and consoles.

People use them for gaming, and they’ve become so addicted, that they spend their entire day on their PCs/consoles gaming. Some people have even made it their occupation, and earn more than enough for a living. You make a plan with your friends to go out and do something, but then you realize, you can game with them all day!

That’s how dependable we are on technology these days. If it’s taken from us for just an hour, we will go crazy! Technology has changed our lives so much that it isn’t even clear if it’s for the worst, or better. Just get up, turn your PC/console on, and start gaming with your friends! Why even bother to leave the house at this point?

Is Technology making us Lazy or Dependable

You can’t get lost even if you tried now:

With how far technology has come, there’s no way one could get lost. There are so many navigating tools that provide directions to a place we never even knew existed! Even if you’re visiting a place for the first time, and don’t know any of the routes; there’s no way you could get lost!

Today, almost all new cars come with a built-in GPS, so there’s no real need to remember a route, or even a shortcut, for that matter. At this age, most adults don’t even know the routes to the places they frequently visit because there’s no need to! If your car doesn’t have a GPS, then you can use your smartphone! Smartphones come with a built-in GPS called Google Maps on Android.

Just search up the location you want to go to on your Smartphone’s GPS, and it’ll provide the easiest/quickest route to get there! Although, if you get stuck in a place without Wi-Fi or no mobile reception, you could get lost. You do need a working internet connection for Google Maps.

Even that shows how dependent we are on technology; without it, we’d be lost! So that answers the question: “Is technology making us lazy or dependable?”. It’s making us both lazy and dependable. We rely on technology so much that there’s no way we could spend even just a day without it.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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