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Is Kinguin Legit

It’s fairly possible to get a Windows activation key for as low as $30. Now, Microsoft itself doesn’t sell Windows keys for that cheap, but there’s a website called “Kinguin” that offers windows activation keys at a fairly low price. But for a website to offer something that’s normally quite expensive seems a little suspicious. So, you may wonder if it’s legit or not. So, is Kinguin legit? In this article, we’ll emphasize that question, and explain whether it’s reliable for Windows 10 and game keys, or not.


So, the first question that arises, is how does Kinguin, or rather where does it get these windows keys? Well, the answer to that is, it doesn’t. Kinguin doesn’t sell Windows keys itself, but rather allows several people to sell their Windows keys. Yes, you guessed that right – Kinguin is a platform where people can sell their game and Windows keys.

You can find just about anything on the website, like CS:GO skins, for example. Once you click on the product you wish to purchase, the site will redirect to a different website. That site is the product’s actual marketplace, and from there, you can purchase the product.

You’ll find numerous sellers advertising the same product, and you can choose whom you want to buy the product. Once you’ve selected a seller, all that’s left is to click on “Buy Now”, and you’ll then go through the checkout process.


The biggest problem that you’ll face with Kinguin’s services, is that they themselves aren’t in control of the buying/selling process. Hence, they have no control over what the sellers are offering. They don’t ensure whether the keys sold on their website are legit or not. It’s fairly obvious seeing as it redirects you to a different website.

So, if you purchase a Windows key from Kinguin, there’s a slight chance that it’ll already be in use by someone else or even the seller. Kinguin’s customer support service isn’t that great either. You’ll have to hustle a little to get your money back. But there is a way around that, well, sort of. 

Kinguin offers Buyer’s Protection, a service that costs around $7 for most products. When purchasing a product, you’ll have to pay that extra amount to ensure you don’t get scammed; a rather dubious solution, but hey, it’s better than being scammed for a $30 amount.

Kinguin Buyer's Protection


Currently, there’s a debate going on about how, or where sellers on Kinguin acquire the game/Windows keys they sell. According to a report, a few Ubisoft games sold on the website were acquired illegally. Several hackers used stolen credit cards to purchase these games and then sold them for profit on Kinguin.

Ubisoft did take action against this and revoked the stolen keys, but in the end, they let the buyers keep it since they weren’t the ones at fault. Well, how were they supposed to know that they were purchasing stolen keys? Well, in any case, sellers on Kinguin can be considered pretty shady, so using Kinguin’s Buyer Protection is your safest option.

We will say that some sellers acquire the keys through sales and promotions, and then wait until that sale/promotion ends, and then sell the keys on Kinguin for a higher (or their actual) price. There are also those who win codes for free through giveaways, or promotions but don’t want them, so they sell them on Kinguin.


Well, the answer to that is a little complicated. There’s a high chance you might get scammed, but at the same time, if you use their buyers’ protection service, that chance is reduced greatly. So, yes, you can buy from them, but you’ll have to purchase their Buyers’ Protection Service which isn’t even that expensive. 


Well, the answer to the question, “Is Kinguin legit?” is that it is! But, at the same time, it isn’t. The thing is, most of the sellers on the site will scam you or will sell stolen keys which will end up getting revoked. But that can be avoided by using their Buyers’ Protection service.

We hope that helps you figure out whether you want to purchase something from their website or not. If you have any further queries or would like to add something to this article, do leave a comment down below, and we’ll try to respond to as many queries as we can!

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