How to Play Music Through Mic [Guide]

Microphones, an audio input device that allows your voice to be heard by others across the internet, something that almost everyone uses nowadays, whether it’s a PC mic or a built-in one inside a phone. Commonly, people use microphones to talk to each other, but it’s also possible to play sounds/music through a mic – something that you see streamers doing. It’s a fun way for them to mess around with their audience.

The use that we’ll be discussing in this article is the second one: how to play music through a mic. As we mentioned above, people can also use a microphone to play music and sounds; something that’s quite useful if you plan on sharing music with your friends. It’s pretty easy once you learn about it.

How to Play Music Through Mic

You’ll need to download programs/software for this, but that’s nothing to worry about as most of them are free. But download with caution as some of these free programs may contain harmful files that may result in a virus getting into your computer. Although most of these programs are safe to download, it’s still best to go with the most trusted one.

With that out of the way, we’ll also list a detailed explanation about how you can use the software to play music through your mic. Just follow the steps listed in the article, and you’ll be good to go!

Virtual Microphone

To play music through a virtual microphone, you’ll need to download a virtual audio cable and soundboard; both of these programs are free, and you can find them on google pretty easily. All you have to do is search them up, and download the one with the most reviews/downloads. As the mention suggests, the first tool is a virtual audio cable – it allows you to make changes to the input and output sources of your computer.

To help better explain this program, take the example of Daemon tools – tools that create virtual CD/DVD drives, allowing you to run/execute .ISO files without the need for an actual CD/DVD drive. With the second program (soundboard), you can configure the sounds transmitted through your microphone device; all you have to do is make sure your computer recognizes the soundboard as an actual microphone.

For that, you’ll need to follow the steps listed below:

  • First, head over to the windows recording setting and select “show disabled device” listed in the recording tab, once selected, enable cable output. Once done, you’ll be able to share audio with others from your computer. Do the same in the playback wall, then head over to your computer’s settings and set virtual cable as the default audio output.
  • Once you’re done with that, move on to your soundboard, and set the virtual cable as its input. Once you’ve done that, the virtual microphone will be linked to your soundboard, allowing you to control the music and sound you want to play on it. The downside of using this method is that you won’t be able to hear yourself, only players/people you’re talking to will be able to hear it.

You can easily play music to people in your voice-chat/game, and they’ll be able to hear your voice simultaneously. Just ensure that you’ve done every step correctly.

With that method out of the way, there’s only one more left in this article. There are other ways as well, but we’ll be discussing two in this article. The next method that we’ll be discussing is the “Play Music Through Mic with Unorthodox Speaker Method”. So without any further ado, here’s how it’s done.

Play Music through Microphone with Unorthodox Speaker Method

This method is easier than the first one and has more chances of working. But there is one issue though; the audio quality it transmits to others is low, so your friends might get distorted audio. But most of the time, the audio is adequate to be transmitted over a voice-chat session. So there’s no need to worry about it too much.

Just follow the steps listed below:

1. Connect Microphone/headset to your PC

If you’re using headphones for the method, it’s best that you keep them near your audio speakers. It’s better to use a microphone for this method though; you can easily set it up near your speakers and vice versa.

2. Connect Speakers to any Audio Source

In order to form a direct connection, you’ll have to get a converter that’ll allow you to connect portable devices like iPods; that’s the best way for this method.

3. Play Music On Speakers, allowing your Microphone to Catch The Sound:

For that to be made possible, you’ll need to place the microphone close to your speakers, ensuring that they’re placed together in a way that allows the microphone to capture the audio of the speakers. Once you’ve done that, the people in your voice-chat will be able to hear your audio. 

Again, the quality of the microphone you’re using does not matter since the audio quality will be set to low by default, and you can’t change it. This method is pretty easy, something you’ve already guessed by reading the instructions listed above, but like everything else, the easiest one isn’t always the best one.

So, you’re stuck with low-quality audio. But on the other hand, you don’t have to install any additional software for this method to function, so there’s that. Bear in mind that since you’re playing music through a microphone, if a background noise gets transmitted through, it’ll cause distortions in the audio, so make sure the background noise is kept at its minimum. Or, you can get a really good microphone that doesn’t catch any background audio.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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