How to convert video to MP3 or vidtomp3?

Whether you’re listening to music or watching an informative video, sometimes it feels better when played without the video. A video can be converted into an MP3 file, a file type that can only contain audio. It isn’t that difficult to convert your video to an audio file, and it requires no additional software/app.

“How to convert video to MP3 or How to Convert vidtomp3″. In this article, we’ll explain how you can convert your videos to MP3 files on VLC, and videos specifically downloaded from YouTube.

How to convert video to MP3

How to convert vidtomp3 using VLC Media Player?

We did mention above that you don’t need any additional software/app, but that’s only valid if you already have the VLC Media Player on your computer. If not, the first step would be to download it. The VLC media player app allows you to open video files stored on your computer, and convert them to MP3 files, and it’s really simple to do.

By doing so, you’ll decrease the size of the file drastically. To convert your video into an MP3 file via the VLC Media Player, just follow the instructions listed below:

  • Step 1: Open the video you want to convert using the VLC Media Player app by clicking on Media>Convert/Save (CTRL + R) and clicking on add.
  • Step 2: Browse through the list and choose the file you want to convert to an MP3 file, and click on Convert/Save.
  • Step 3: Choose Audio – MP3 under settings in the profile, and choose your new file’s destination.
  • Step 4: Hit start.
Video to MP3 Audio

The file will then be converted into an MP3 file, and it’ll then be stored in the folder you chose for it. The audio extraction process is indicated clearly by the VLC Media Player’s progress slider. Like any download, once the bar reaches the end, you can locate the file in its destination folder.

Converting your video file to MP3 file format will make it easier to transfer and open it on your smartphone device. The reason is that the file’s size will be greatly reduced. You can use this method to convert your file to an MP3 Audio file format, but there are other formats available too (for audio files). 

A few default profiles of audio files can be Vorbis (OGG), FLAC, and CD. There’s even the option to choose WAV as the encapsulation in the conversion profile editor. There are numerous audio codecs available as well. A few examples are MPEG Audio, MPEG 4 Audio (AAC), A52/AC-3, Opus, Speex, and WMA2. 

They’re more advanced than an MP3 file format, so that also makes them a little more complicated to use. If all you’re looking for is a way to convert your video file to an audio file, converting it to an MP3 file is good enough.

How to convert YouTube vidtomp3 files?

Before we continue, know that YouTube’s terms and conditions prohibit the download of unauthorized content, so you’ll need to get the copyright owner’s permission (if the video contains copyright content), otherwise, you may get into some form of trouble. Now, let’s continue to the topic at hand.

Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

Use an online MP3 converter:

There are loads of online MP3 converters on the internet, but a few are better than others. To make things easy for you, we’ve mentioned two Online MP3 converters that you can use to convert your YouTube videos to MP3 files.

  1. Convert2MP3:

Convert2MP3 is a Deutsch online video converter, and you can convert videos from just about any platform (YouTube, DailyMotion, Clipfish.. e.t.c.). To convert your file, just copy the link from YouTube and paste it into the “Insert Video Link” option. Select MP3 in the format option, and click on convert. 

Your file will then be converted, and you’ll be redirected to the download tab once you hit continue. From there, you can download the file.

  1. YouTubeMP3:

This one works just like the one mentioned above. Just copy the YouTube video link and paste it onto their website. Select MP3 in the format option, and hit convert. Your video will then be converted to an MP3 file format. Once that’s done, hit continue and you’ll be redirected to the download tab where you can download the converted YouTube video.


Oftentimes, people only convert music videos to MP3 because they didn’t like the video, or just wanted to enjoy the audio alone. Whatever the case may be, we hope this article on “How to convert video to MP3” helps you figure out how to convert your video to an audio file (MP3). If you have any further queries, or would like to change/add something to this article, feel free to comment down below!

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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