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The question developers are afraid to ask is, “How to charge for a Website?” Don’t get me wrong. Developers realize that they need to know the cost before jumping into a web project. And as a web developer, you have to be clear with the clients and make an agreement on your decision points.

To get in-depth knowledge of the development process, you can have a look at some important factors that contribute to the total charge of developing a website.

If you are not working for any software development company and want to grow your Freelance Web Developer career at dormzi or any other organization, then you must keep your skills and mind updated with the latest innovations in coding languages. Moreover, there are ample ways you can significantly charge for website creation. How? Let’s scroll and know more about that-

Reliable Ways to Charge for a Website Creation and Development

1. Project Size

The size of your web project will determine the total price of developing a fresh and new website. For instance, you can consider these few cases:

With the rising demand for online presence, a lot of new businesses and startups are trying to create a website for their companies. So in the first case, you can consider such clients who are looking for simple websites that describe their product line or business goals. They do not require complex or personalized programming or customization work and have a total page count of 10 or fewer.

In such cases, it is crucial to design your website so that it can be easily extended in the future with new sections, content, and services offered over the Internet.

Such web pages are usually the modified version of the first web page or the extension of previous pages which can go up to 20 pages.

As in the previous case, these are website pages that do not need special section development or design customization and are very easy to program if needed.

Medium-sized Business Website

This type of web page is for companies that do not have an online store but take action based on e-commerce. Still, most of the sales process starts with a web page, for example, by providing a complete web catalog—all products offered by the company, or an advanced budget request system.

You have to use your subtle skills and deliver your best possible service to develop a website of this particular size and complexity. Besides, you must have transparency and good communication with your web designer to create a well-designed website.

In such scenarios, we strongly suggest that you use the website maintenance and update service.

Web Pages of Large Companies

In the latter case, we’ll talk about companies with a lot of activity on the Internet, where their main sales channels are through their websites or large web projects they want to be.

2. Design Style

In this case, we’re talking about the user’s visible face who will be the future client. Here, the website’s layout and design will be the most essential part of the development process because they will help the clients to distinguish your work from other developers.

Next, you need to find the count of unique designs required for your project:

For the idea of ​​placing multiple pages within a website with different structures and different modules, designers need to make further efforts to create these “unique designs” or “unique views.”

On the other hand, if the pages are the same or very similar in structure (although the total number of pages is large), the designer’s work will be easier, faster, and less costly.

3. SEO Integration

SEO Integration

All good web developers should consider SEO and, by default, optimize their web pages to allow proper placement on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

On the other hand, whenever a company creates new content on a website, it needs advice on optimizing at the SEO level. Otherwise, all the SEO optimizations that the web studio was doing at the time will gradually diminish. Of course, this service costs money.

4. Database Integration

Database Integration

Database consolidation requires in-depth technical knowledge and extensive experience in troubleshooting problems that occur. If you need to develop and integrate a database within your website, this will increase the cost of designing your website.

5. E-commerce Function

E-commerce Function

The integration of e-commerce capabilities has many more implications, including payment gateways, security, LDAP, cookies, and more. You can also link this new feature with your entire previous user system, product, and more.

This leads to an increase in the website’s overall budget and has a significant impact on the budget.


When you start developing a web project, you should consider it a medium- to long-term investment because you can benefit from short-term benefits by working well with the agency responsible for developing the project.

Therefore, choosing the right web developer is especially important not only because you choose the team that builds your web application but also because you choose the team that will help you get the most out of your business and work towards it.

Quote with us to know about becoming a Freelance Software Developer or even try out your hands on Freelance Web Designer projects. Search on the web and get aware of the current trends and follow-ups on part-time, freelancing, and more project-wise career opportunities in information technology.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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