How much is Sony Worth?

Commonly known as Ѕоnу, the Ѕоnу Соrроrаtіоn is a Јараnеѕе combination of еlесtrоnісѕ, gаmіng equipment, аnd еntеrtаіnmеnt. Sony was founded back in May 1946 and has been around for over 70 years. Today Sony has more than 13,800 workers working for the brand, and they are still launching new products for their customers.

The founders of Ѕоnу are Аkіо Моrіtа аnd Маѕаru Іbukа during the second world war as an electronics shop called Тоkуо Тѕuѕhіn Коgуо. In 1958, the first product was released, and the shop was renamed Sony, twelve years on. Their first product was a radio transistor – Туре G аnd thе ТR-55 іn 1955.

Within the first two decades, there was a surge in Sony products, especially among teenagers. The products were of high quality, portable, and stylish, and the story is the same today. 

Lаtеr on, Ѕоnу ventured into а lіfе іnѕurаnсе соmраnу, just before their most valued product, the walkman. The gadget revolutionized how people listened to and enjoyed the music on the go. Years on their gаmіng соnѕоlеѕ and рlауѕtаtіоnѕ hіt the market and tееnаgеrѕ loved the platform.

How much is Sony Worth

how much is sony worth

As of May 2020, Sony Corporation had sales of $79.2 billion, and its net worth is estimated at $78.7 billion, according to a survey by Forbes. Their biggest sale comes from the network services, then PlayStation. On the other hand, their lowest earner is from the semiconductors and other Sony products. Business has been good for Sony for a long time.

Despite the many electronics companies flooding the market, Sony’s policies, products, and management send a clear message that it is not about to collapse any day soon. Their reputation is exemplary, which explains their loyal customers. 

Like any other profit-making organization, Sony also faces challenges, but it has successfully managed to secure a remarkable market share. Soon, Sony plans to introduce Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. At this phase, it will remain among the best top ten electronics companies for the long term.

Sony Early Stage

As a producer of many products, there are many departments operating under Sony. The Walkman was their pioneer electronic, PlayStation, cameras, televisions, gaming consoles, semiconductors, computers, and healthcare devices. They have also ventured into life insurance and mobile payments. 

Sony aims at fulfilling the curiosity of its customers with products that inspire them. There is something to entertain everyone at Sony since they create the best products. Since its inception, Sony has taken the technology industry around the world by storm, continuing to do so. They have a corporate responsibility to create awareness about their development goals through campaigns. 

Sony’s Main Achievements

Ranking among the top 23 highly rated companies, at position 96 on sales alone, and 193 on assets is Sony. Sony has been awarded the Representative of the year several times, making it excel in selling more. The company received multiple awards for Good Design, iF Design Award, Red Dot Award, and the National Commendation for Invention, all in 2017

A List of some Sony products

Sony is a well-known corporation all over the world. Regardless of your origin, you must have heard of Sony, or you might even own one of its products. The multinational company specializes in consumer electronics. They make an array of products, from home equipment to office equipment. Also, they have a gaming console and video game publishing. They are part of the leading suppliers of the television and film industries.  

Gaming Consoles

There are three considerable juggernauts in the gaming world, and Sony is one of them, including Microsoft and Nintendo. The “PlayStation” is Sony’s flagship console, with its first one released by the end of 1994, and it became a household name to date.

In late 2013, the newest console, the PlayStation 4 came out. In 2016 a revamp of the existing console was unveiled, Playstation 4 pro. Among all Sony products, these consoles are on Sony’s top list of products. 

Sony Gaming consoles

Video Game Publishing

Sony has a game publishing unit that supports its console and is responsible for one of the best video games ever. A good example is the God of War series from Sony’s production house, the Uncharted series, and the new Spiderman games.

Sony Cell Phones

Sony is also in the cellphone market, although they are not so successful. The Sony Xperia smartphone is run by a combination of both Windows and Android Operating systems. They recently decided to cut down on producing Xperia cellphones and are embarking on releasing a new cell under the Sony name. This is a new strategy to re-enter the market.

Consumer Electronics

Besides its dominance in the gaming industry, Sony is a significant entity in the consumer electronics industry with a multitude of products. Sony is a pioneer of LCD television technology with its Bravia series as one of the most popular. They are responsible for producing the best screens the television industry has ever seen.

Sony Vaio laptop

Sony has a series of laptops called the Vaio. Initially, these laptops were quite popular. In the early 2010s, the most popular laptop in the market was the Vaio, followed by a MacBook. However, the brand is no longer famous, although they are making new versions of the Vaio.

Sony Vaio laptop

Sony Software

Sony Vegas is a popular video editing software with Sony Vegas Pro as a premium video editor earlier known as Sony Maker.


It is incredibly challenging to list all of Sony’s products individually. However, the above are the most popular among the Japanese electronic giant. The quality of their products was unbeatable, and it still is today. Perhaps that can explain their dominance in the industry. 

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