Facebook Dating Not Working? Learn How to Fix

Some social media users said the Facebook Dating app isn’t working for them, so here are a few answers.

In recent years, singletons have become very popular with dating apps, and some websites have recorded additional downloads and subscribers due to the current pandemic.

Facebook Dating Not Working? Learn How to Fix

Facebook Dating is one of the latest additional features. You will meet people through Facebook dating, and maybe you can even get to know people you have in common using your dating profile.

You need to log on to a single email address using the new feature, but you will create a new profile for the database service. Users are invited or can find you based upon their interests, location, and preferences, after creating their own Facebook dating profile, which naturally is different from your main profile. Although you may be interested in a particular individual at some point, you don’t have to wait until he reaches you, but you can first reach them.

Although this new feature is a good function since it is launched, it does happen that we are addressing some issues today. You will find easy solutions to fix the Facebook Dating App Not Working issue in this latest installment of our Trouble Solution series.

What is the Facebook Dating App?

Facebook has a personal dating app that is popular with a large number of users. Based on your interests, you can find a person and comment on their profiles on this platform.

If you want a profile, look for Facebook dating in the Facebook search box where you’re going to find the app.

Tap the horizontal lines in the top right and select “Dating,” or go to the Facebook app on your mobile device.

Follow the directions, answer a few questions and create your dating profile.

Why isn’t Facebook App Dating work?

There could be some problems with why some users don’t use the Dating App.

As it might trigger a problem, ensure your Facebook app is up-to-date. Go to the app store and check if (if you’re an Android user) you have the most recent version of the app.

Second, make sure that you have a stable connection to the internet and have your app notifications activated. App Cache could cause too many problems to clear the cache and attempt to access the function.

Restart your phone and try again if your dating app is not working, or get help on Facebook from customer support.

The Facebook dating app is not always available, so it may not be available in your country if it does not work for you.

How to Facebook Dating Failure

Fortunately, in several ways, you can solve most FB dating app problems.

1. Turn Services on Location

You must activate Location Services when you first set up Facebook Dating on your phone. Facebook uses this choice to show you recommendations from individuals that fit your distance preferences. On your device for Android:

  • Go to the screen for your Home.
  • Tap Configuration.
  • Choose the apps.
  • Locate Facebook to scroll through.
  • Tap Location under Permissions.
  • Turn the Location Services option on the toggle.

If Facebook Dating does not use the iPhone, here’s how you can activate location services:

  • Go to the screen for your Home.
  • Set the tap.
  • Locate Privacy and scroll through.
  • Select Location Services after tapping Privacy.
  • Turn On-Location Services by tapping.

Open the Facebook Dating app and hit on the menu. Next, choose Dating, and tap Dating Place.

2. Facebook Dating app is not available on your site

If Facebook dating doesn’t appear on Android or iPhone, it is because the app isn’t available.

You will only create a dating profile if you are located in Peru, the Philippines, Thailand, the United States, Uruguay, Vietnam, Argentina, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, and Paraguay.

The service does not appear in your application, as only adults with a Facebook profile are available. You won’t use Facebook Dating when you are under 18.

3. Update on Facebook App

If the dating service doesn’t work, the Facebook app needs to be updated. If your Facebook account is not a dating app, the application needs to be changed. The best path to pursue is:

Visit the app store of apps for your smartphone.

From here, select any available program updates.

If you’ve got an upgrade, install the new version.

4. Check your Internet connection

Your weblink may explain why Facebook doesn’t work for dating on your iPhone or Android. Please turn off your Wi-Fi and then turn it on again when Wi-Fi is available. Consider alternative use of mobile data.

Switch to Wi-Fi, and if you’re using cell data, try again. On either iOS or Android devices, you can also activate airplane mode and then deactivate it.

The option refreshes and restarts all connections. Try to open Facebook Dating once done.

5. Restart your appliance

Your device’s restart will help to re-establish connections and provide Facebook Dating with more stored data when you connect to your phone.

  • Hold Android’s Power button.
  • Keep Home and the iPhone Power button simultaneously.
  • The resume of your device.

Open Facebook Dating and try again once your phone restarts.

6. Disable and reset the app

You can try to delete and reinstall the application from your device also. In Android:

Go to Settings > Applications > Application Management.

Select Facebook. Select Facebook.

  • Uninstall tap.

To iPhone::

  • Tap and stop for a couple of seconds in the Facebook app.
  • Tap the X icon once it’s seen “jiggling.”

You can try again like this also, first uninstall the app and then go to the Google app store, download the app, and install it.

Other steps to resolve this problem include logging out and signing up on Facebook. You can also clear the app cache and cookies and try again.

7. Facebook Contact Center for Help

If Facebook dates are not seen after following the mentioned solutions, you can directly send a message to the support team via your Facebook website to Facebook Technical Support. Just tap on the website Facebook Help Center.

Find ‘The One, in just a few clicks

If the Facebook Dating app is not working, fix it by changing your Wi-Fi internet connection to mobile data and the other way around. Localization services, simple app cache, and cookies can be enabled, and your computer can be rebooted. Updating the app and seeing if the dating service is in operation is another solution.

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