Best Clash of Clans Private Server – Full Guide

Clash of clans private server

What is the clash of clans? It’s vital to ask yourself this question and even gather some basic information about it. Clash of clans in a few words, it’s a multiplayer server-based for strategy gaming. 

If you like playing games on your PC or android phone it’s wise for you to download clash of clans’ private server. It will enable you to enjoy a series of game resources like; Gems, Elixir, Dark Elixir, and Gold. Your gaming skills will improve.

Playing games directly from the original source can be quite expensive so servers can enable you to save on gaming costs. You will also spend less time on gaming and save money and for that, you can be in a position to build towers, superheroes, buildings, and bigger army boot camps using less time and money. For gamers to enjoy the game they have to connect with supercell servers. 

Clash of Magic APK 

This is one of the most amazing and awesome servers that we will discuss at length in this article. The above private server is very steady and perfect in performance, has options for optimizations, is easy for customization, and is very famous. 

These benefits alone make it the best and most outstanding among other servers. In this blog, we will know its features, its versions, and how it can be installed. Quickly let’s look into its features.

Features of Clash Magic APK

  1. The user can easily build or create new houses in a clash of magic
  2. Its customization area is quite simply easy to use 
  3. Steady and speedy in performance, with no restrictions at all
  4. Updates are available within a few minutes
  5. Be sure to get unlimited Elixir, Gold, Gems, and Dark Elixir without having to put in any effort 
  6. Security is branded 100% sure
  7. This private server is able to work on any  kind of device
  8. Has unique heroes because it’s handy to make one, all you have to do is to combine two heroes’ power in a clash of magic APK 

Versions of Clash of Magic APK

Clash of clans comes in various versions. Let us examine some of these versions so that you have some knowledge about them,

Clash of Magic S1

The package has unlimited resources, this gives you an opportunity to unlock numerous thrilling and stunning levels of games. The server works as the original one, and this gives you a chance to enjoy any classical graphics without restrictions. 

To up and modify your game and gain superheroes you have to merge the powers of 2 heroes, and then remember to download the clash of magic S1 since its specialty is COL server1.

Clash of Magic S2

It’s quite similar to S1 only that this one is stronger and speedier. When playing a game at this server then you have to be in a high zone of fantasy. Another amazing thing to note is that you can easily customize the game as per your wish.

Clash of Magic S3

It’s the 3rd server of the clash of magic. It’s a classy and smart choice for android users. This is because it is mainly designed for android devices that have more advanced graphics and fast speed for increasing the interest and attention of the users. 

Has unlimited resources just like the other servers. Has a zero customization option. Users with no interest in customization can choose this server as it fits them.

Clash of Magic S4

It’s the latest version with more advanced features when compared to the other versions. You can play with more interest. It’s developed with the latest high-speed server hence you can play default games without customization. 

For utmost results, this server decreases disturbances like downloading COM S4. It’s the best server to go for.

Installation of Clash of Magic Server

Installing a COC private server without any trouble to your PC or phone is quite easy; all you have to do is to follow the guides step by step outlined here. 

Be keen to follow the steps and you will notice that it’s a simple task. Let’s look into the steps one by one.

  • Unlock your device if it is locked
  • Open your device settings and enable the “unknown sources” option from the settings
  • Delete the old version of COC if you had any. 
  • Download the new APK file of the light server by clicking on the available button.
  • Go to the location of the clash of magic server downloaded file and open it for installation
  • Give permission if needed
  • Congratulations! For entering the Clash of Magic City. You’re now crowned as the king of your own town. You can unlock anything from the game store without any restrictions and effort.

Now you have all the information regarding this server. It’s one in a million so you should not have any doubt. The features above have helped to learn how efficient and steady it is.

The installation guides can help you install it within no time. Enjoy your game.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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