Aka.ms/accountsettings – How To Change Microsoft Account Settings?

Online privacy is paramount, especially to online game lovers. Microsoft account holders have the privilege to change privacy settings to accommodate their children who also play games like Minecraft. Keep your children off adult content by adjusting your MS account settings with aka.ms/accountsettings.


People playing games online enjoy the multiplatform feature, which allows them to play on various devices. Minecraft checks this box, but the player must have a Microsoft account to play the preferred device. Microsoft users are now enjoying console gaming because they are safer than ever before.

The new feature Aka.ms/accountsettings allows users to change account settings anyhow, thus securing them from any exploitation.

How to use aka.ms/accountsettings

Game consoles can be hectic for parents if they have no idea how to control the content accessed by children. Microsoft has saved the day by creating adjustable privacy settings for game consoles like Xbox live, Xbox 360Nintendo Switch, and the like to help children be safe. The changes are conveniently reversible anytime to default settings or whatever you want. 

Privacy Settings on Xbox Live and Xbox 360

You have to enter age specifics manually by following onscreen guidelines as detailed below. These changes allow parents to let their children play freely without supervision, and everyone remains happy.

  1. Open your Xbox Settings Panel and locate Minecraft Settings and Privacy.
  2. Click on the Privacy and Safety option, which will open a new window for you to provide further privacy details.
  3. The next step is to sign in to your Microsoft account by providing your details, i.e., email and password. 
  4. You will be able to adjust the account settings on the next page.
  5. Click on XBOX Online Safety.
  6. Double-check the new entries to ensure it is what you intended. 
  7. Move to the bottom of the page, and click on the Submit tab to reserve the changes.
  8. If you are making adjustments to accommodate children, there is an option to Disable further internet surfing.  
  9. Congratulations! You are set to enjoy gaming.

Microsoft settings and privacy

Microsoft users can log in to various devices quickly because the account details are automatically synced. Therefore, you don’t have to provide credentials every single time continually. 

  • When you update the settings of an MS account, the new details are immediately and automatically synced to other devices.
  • Additionally, if you change your profile picture on one MS account, it is also updated on each synced device. 
  • The settings on Microsoft permit fast customization or changes by users. Therefore, users’ private information is secure as they are bound by the privacy measures you set on the official account.
  • You can change to make further changes to your account anytime you like through your device by accessing account settings and then following instructions. 
  • All the credentials you provided are ultimately interlinked for easy access.

Microsofts’ privacy settings keep your data safe from unauthorized access, meaning no one else can log into your account. All data is protected by dividing and saving it in random chunks.

Online Safety for Microsoft Accounts

Once you decide to create a Microsoft account, online privacy is guaranteed. The credentials you provide are what shield your account from illegal access. The details you provide, like age, will determine the kind of content to be accessed through the account and on linked devices.

There is no direct provision for creating a child’s account, but the age details will make a non-reversible account. Therefore, you can rest easy that your child will not be accessing anything they aren’t supposed to see.

How to fix aka.ms/accountsettings not Working

Microsoft’s tight security and privacy settings can block access to some games and websites, keeping players away. Also, gamers may notice that their games might lag or go through slight delays once in a while. The issue is expected if you access games on Xbox via an MS account.

It is common to encounter some problems when accessing Minecraft using an MS account. Connection speeds can vary from one individual to another or devices used to access the game. 

These issues may seem problematic, but you don’t have to worry so much as fixing them is easy. They may be a result of; faulty network connections or malfunctioning device settings. If faced with these challenges, you can efficiently resolve them by following the hacks below.

  1. Confirm if your Minecraft game is a beta or non-beta version. Why? Because realms are only accessible through the latter. If you are on beta, leave and restart your game.
  2. Playable realms are set to the nearest physical location Realm owner’s IP. So, if you are far from your realm, the connection might lag.
  3. some consoles must have an active online subscription; Xbox, Sony PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch.
  4. You can quit the game, update your version, then continue to play. 
  5. Check your network connections to make sure your router or modem is proper. You can also reset the router by unplugging it from the power source and plugging it back in after 30 seconds. 
  6. Your antivirus software might block the game if any malware is detected. Therefore, you can decide to Disable any third-party app, including your antivirus, and see if the game is accessible.
  7. Wi-Fi buffering is expected due to various issues. So, you can use an ethernet connection for your internet to remain undisturbed.
  8. Restarting your game or hitting the refresh button can help resolve the issue.
  9. Find out if your backup settings are available or open to your realm, and if not, locate the backup menu and make adjustments.
  10. You can permit Minecraft Realms by opening 26000-28000, 80, and 443 ports via your firewall. There will be no proxies; thus, no IP or hostname is required.


It is challenging to keep children away from playing popular games like Minecraft. Therefore, Aka.ms/accountsettings is mandatory for every parent who wishes to live worry-free. Create MS accounts with their details, and because providing their age is enough to limit the kind of content to be accessed, they are safe. Your data is perfectly safe with MS because Aka.ms adheres to strict online safety protocols.

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