TagAndChill[.]com — Netflix Tagger Job Scam

TagAndChill[.]com is a new website that claims to provide freelance job opportunities as a Netflix Tagger. According to the website, Netflix Taggers are responsible for watching Netflix content and adding relevant tags to help Netflix improve its recommendation algorithms. However, recent reports suggest that TagAndChill[.]com is nothing but a job scam. In this 900-word essay, we will explore everything you need to know about TagAndChill[.]com, its Netflix Tagger job scam, and how to avoid falling victim to such scams.

What is TagAndChill[.]com?

TagAndChill[.]com is a website that claims to offer freelance job opportunities as a Netflix Tagger. According to the website, Netflix Taggers are paid to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix and add descriptive tags to help Netflix improve its recommendation algorithms. The website offers potential Taggers the chance to sign up for the service, where they can allegedly apply for the job directly and begin work within a few days.

Why the TagAndChill[.]com job is a scam

Although the TagAndChill[.]com job offer sounds like an excellent opportunity, there are several reasons why it is a scam. Firstly, Netflix does not hire Taggers to add tags to its content. Instead, Netflix uses in-house teams to curate and categorize its content. Therefore, Netflix does not need third-party Taggers, and any such job offer should be treated as fraudulent.

Secondly, Netflix Taggers do not work from home or remotely. Instead, they work from Netflix’s headquarters, where they have access to the company’s content and data infrastructure. This setup provides Netflix with better control over its metadata and recommendation algorithms. Therefore, any job offer that claims to be from Netflix but offers remote work should be treated with suspicion.

How the TagAndChill[.]com job scam operates

The TagAndChill[.]com job scam operates by preying on unsuspecting job seekers who are looking for remote work opportunities. The scammer creates a website that looks like a legitimate job site, using stolen logos and images to give it an official appearance. The scammer then posts fake job openings, claiming to represent companies like Netflix or other well-known brands.

The job posting will require applicants to provide personal information, such as their name, address, and Social Security number. The scammer will use this information to perform identity theft or sell the information to third-party vendors. Some scammers may even require applicants to pay a fee for training or background checks, further perpetuating the scam.

Red flags to watch out for

There are several red flags that job seekers should watch out for when looking for remote work opportunities. Firstly, any job that requires an upfront fee or investment is likely to be a scam. Legitimate employers do not require job applicants to pay to work for them.

Secondly, any job that promises high pay for little work is also likely to be a scam. Legitimate employers pay fair wages based on the work performed, not on an unrealistic promise of wealth and luxury.

Thirdly, any job that is advertised with generic titles like “work from home” or “finance job” is also suspicious. Legitimate job postings provide detailed job descriptions and requirements to ensure that only qualified candidates apply.

Lastly, if a job posting seems too good to be true, it probably is. A job that claims to offer easy work, high pay, and remote flexibility is unlikely to be legitimate unless it is a well-established company with a proven track record of providing remote work opportunities.


The TagAndChill[.]com Netflix Tagger job scam is an example of the prevalent trend of work-at-home scams that prey on job seekers’ desires for remote work. Job seekers must be vigilant and watch out for red flags when looking for remote work opportunities. Scammers are becoming more sophisticated, and it is essential to do due diligence before providing any personal information or paying upfront fees. Staying cautious and informed can help job seekers avoid falling victim to such scams and find legitimate remote work opportunities.

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