Best Free Web Design Software for Mac

Each web designer needs a decent software program to succeed in their careers and develop an outstanding reputation for their design products. And often, for Mac users, what works well on PC doesn’t do the same. Fortunately, there are no difficulties today for Mac fans since there is plenty of web design software at their finger spot. However, rates also leave a lot to be desired, making it difficult for newbies to do their job and develop their skills every day.

free web design software mac

Best Free Web Design Software for Mac

Below, we have compiled the best free, fast, and high-quality Mac Web Design software for macOS. On macOS, it is available as well. If you want the option to upgrade to a pro version or buy a complete set of enhanced features, test one of these tools as long as you want.

1. Freeway Express

Freeway Express is a straightforward and attractive free Mac web design software based on DTP (Desktop Publishing), so you can develop websites with well-established drag-and-drop templates. But the ability to build a website from the ground up is what makes Freeway Express even easier without limiting the scarcity of templates. You can easily form a menu, logo, and footer as no-change items with the master page feature. Therefore the Master Page tool automatically positions your pre-set contents in the right place when you create a new page.


  • HTML generation is standard compliant.
  • Content of the master page
  • Ability to publish FTP or MobileMe to a local folder
  • Preview and preview built-in WebKit in many browsers one-click
  • Editable graphical text, capable of making GIFs
  • Auto-address email
  • Proper layout of the table

2. Mobirise

Mobirise is a splendid mobile app system for both technical and non-tech developers. With its unique, minimalistic GUI, this free Mac web design app encourages and makes the workflow intuitive. Build unique websites, landing pages, online abstracts, and personal website portfolios with loads of website blocks and pre-made templates completely free.

You can tailor your Website to suit your specific needs – drag-and-drop website blocks as you want. To create a personalized look. Since Mobirise is built on a popular Bootstrap system, be sure that your Website looks fantastic on any screen you are viewing. You can build a beautiful website with optimum output and a unique personality using additional Mobirise features, including an eCommerce tool, code editor, and many expansions.


  • Web-building interface drag-and-drop.
  • A large variety of beautifully crafted components and blocks
  • Responsive architecture based on the system Bootstrap •
  • Various plugins and models were previously developed.
  • Advanced eCommerce tool and shopping cart
  • Publisher of mobile code (for an additional fee)
  • Capability at every stage in your work

3. CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor

If you have come searching for a coding app, you can find Coffee Cup of great interest. This offline tool is suitable for hand-coding fans – both hobbyists and experienced web designers with its lightweight and simplified workspace. Take advantage of the great functionality of Coffee Cup, such as built-in templates, multiple cursors, and tag-matching tools to easily and quickly create a site. Regardless of its excellent and comfortable interface, coffee cups might find it a little harder to adapt than anticipated for absolute novices.


  • Full custom toolbars
  • Models and designs responsive
  • Type products pre-built
  • The organization of the data on the web pages
  • Auto-coding
  • Any standard browser preview

4. ToWeb

ToWeb is a comprehensive and easy-to-use Mac web-design app that fits both new and experienced users. ToWeb has everything you need if you are mainly interested in building a sensitive website that doesn’t have any coding alphabet expertise. Only download the software to your Mac, start developing a website and install it.

There are pre-fabricated models to make you feel the right thing so you can pick the right one to suit you and tailor it to your needs. All sorts of websites are assisted by the Tool, whether they are picture galleries, Google maps, or video shows. A robust e-commerce engine, which can help with the entire buying process—shopping carts, taxes, payments, etc., can also be an essential feature of ToWeb.


  • Website templates pre-designed
  • Editing Live Material (WYSIWYG)
  • Theme editor based on CC3
  • Tool for eCommerce


So let’s say that you’ve completed the development and editing of your excellent webpage, and now it’s time to test how a real web server functions. It would not be advantageous to buy a hosting account for tests alone, so let us consider another choice: MAMP (which stands for Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). It is a great program to build a web server that allows you to test and evaluate your Website’s live output locally. After all the necessary work has been finished, use the MAMP system to ensure that your site runs properly and does not cause any glitches.


  • Virtual hosts settings
  • Testing of Mobile Website
  • Support for Dropbox
  • Apache, Python, Perl, Web Launch, Apache.


You need to add beautiful and enticing visual content such as videos, animations, and images to enhance your website’s personality. Photoshop should not be your best friend; the simplified but powerful GIMP interface will direct you through the entire photo editing process. With many of the same features as Photoshop, this free web design program provides you with almost all of Adobe’s control and, of course, is free to use.


  • Adaptable GUI.
  • Enhancing photography and digital repair.
  • Hundreds of GIMP plugin registry plugins are available
  • Deals for a range of formats
  • Supports graphic tablets sensitive to pressure and tilt •

7. Alternative: Builder for WordPress

While several developers still build custom sites using applications that run locally, over 35% of the Internet works with WordPress WordPress runs on your web server, allowing it to be used on all Linux computers, but Mac users may use MAMP to perform a local copy.

WordPress provides a wide range of templates from pre-produced to personalized, such as the Bottom Line Web Design portfolio or the free template gallery. You might start even though you are very experienced, or you can make it simple to build a customized WordPress template from your Mac using any of the other resources featured in this article.

Whatever the method to execute your concept, ensure it is translated into a reader by the website material. To begin productive collaboration, consider checking out the best writing pages.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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