Gary Kaye Gary M. Kaye has been covering tech since IBM launched its first PC in 1981. He covered tech for NBC News, ABC News, CNN, and Fox Business Network. He is also the creator of the History Channel Multimedia Classroom. In 2011 Kaye founded “In The Boombox”, a website aimed at reporting on the nexus of Baby Boomers, seniors, and technology. in 2014, the website was renamed TECH50+. In addition he contributes to, AARP Radio, Huffington Post, and writes regular columns for, Prime Magazine, Livin’ Out Loud Magazine, among others. Kaye has a BA in government from Cornell University, and a Master’s of Public Policy from the Goldman School at the University of California at Berkeley. Kaye lives in Oxford, Connecticut with his wife of 33 years and varying numbers of his adult children.