Bruno MaisonnierCEO and founder of the company, Bruno Maisonnier grew up in Lyon, France. Considered close to academic failure in high school, he developed a passion for electronics through science fiction books which talked about bringing to life intelligent machines. This spark restored his drive to finish school and he graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique. Bruno then joined the IT department of Crédit Agricole, first in the software field then as director of the department. He was then promoted to the position of Director of Communications and Human Resources and later to Managing Director of a team of more than 3,500 people in Portugal, Brazil, and Poland.During his 20-year career, Bruno never gave up his dream: he continuously invented machines, mounted his own computers, created his first robots, and tried to keep himself trained to remain in the forefront of this area. Finally feeling the wind turn in the right direction (after Sony launched the 4th version of the Aibo and Honda premiered new Asimo) Bruno decided to leave his banker life and put his heart and soul into a brand new business of robotics. One year later in 2004 Aldebaran Robotics was created.