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Exhibitors Spotlight — Technology plays increasingly important role in seniors’ lives: GreatCall study

By |Wednesday, December 18, 2013|

Title : Exhibitors Spotlight — Technology plays increasingly important role in seniors’ lives: GreatCall study
Company: GreatCall
Purchasing habits, social benefits affected by technology aging consumers
Once upon a time, maybe in the last century, grandma shopped for holidays and birthdays at her local department store. She still does – but often she researches the products online. And, may have emailed her grandson to discuss his gaming […]

Exhibitors Spotlight — Study Reveals Older Internet Users Have Healthier Habits

By |Wednesday, December 18, 2013|

Company : Huff/Post50 
The Internet can be a major time-waster and many of us have vowed to spend less time online — but research suggests Internet users are actually healthier. A study released Oct. 22 says older Internet users are more likely to undergo cancer screenings and live cancer-preventive lifestyles than those who are not often online.
Researchers found 72.9 percent of consistent Internet users have had a colorectal […]

Exhibitors Spotlight — 9 Apps Everyone Over 50 Should Have On Their Phones

By |Wednesday, December 18, 2013|

Company:  Huff/Post50 Author:  Katerina Rosen
Here’s some advice from a millennial to her parents on the top iPhone apps out there today. 
1) Vine This app allows parents to make home videos from their iPhones and share them with family and friends. Last I checked, parents love making home videos of family events and landmarks so this app is perfect for parents! Plus, each video captures only […]


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Company: ReSound
Nothing can make you feel more out of touch than not being able to understand your loved ones as they laugh and talk at a crowded table. And if you are one of the 35 million people around the globe who wears a hearing aid, you know you will have to take out your hearing aid and adjust the volume just to make sense […]

Exhibitors Spotlight — Remote Care for Independent Seniors and their Concerned Families

By |Tuesday, December 3, 2013|

Company: i-SaiSo
In households across the US, more and more families are wrestling with the issue of care for an aging loved one. We face this challenge because we must; we’re officially an aging population.
For many families, the subject of senior care can be polarizing, and debating the possible solutions can quickly push families towards an epic deadlock – one that pits the advantages of care against […]

Friend of Silvers Summit, Gary Kaye, writes about Phone Halo’s new Glasses TrackR

By |Tuesday, November 12, 2013|

Friend of Silvers Summit, Gary Kaye, writes about Phone Halo’s new Glasses TrackR
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My Quantified Mom: Lively Lets Me Monitor Mom and Still Keep My Distance

By |Wednesday, October 16, 2013|

My long-suffering mom gets to play guinea pig to all of my technology schemes. This week I may have gone overboard with the installation of Lively. Lively is a system of sensors that communicate with a central control pod to monitor and then alert loved ones about any unusual behavior that their elderly relatives might be experiencing.

Mom’s $150 starter kit included a command module plus […]

Olympus Ups its Game

By |Friday, September 13, 2013|

Olympus just released the OM-D E-M1 camera, an attempt to provide pro-level features and image quality in a compact Micro Four Thirds (MFT) format. The new E-M1 camera is slightly larger than cameras in Olympus’ popular PEN series, but it’s significantly smaller than DSLR cameras. When the PEN was introduced, the claim was that it provided near pro-level features (interchangeable lenses, high image quality) in […]

We’ve Got Smart Devices, Now What?

By |Friday, September 13, 2013|

Chances are, you’ve got some smarts. Perhaps a smartphone? Maybe a tablet for reading books and magazines? And there are interesting new products that enhance your smart device. Like the fitbit flex that monitors sleep and activity, and records the findings on your smartphone. Or Telcare’s Blood Glucose Meter, which can let you view results on a smartphone. Obviously, there’s a lot going on in […]

Let’s Talk about High Tech Dying

By |Wednesday, July 17, 2013|

Thirty five years ago at the Exum School of Moutaineering, our guide made us rappel off a 150 foot ledge on the Grand Teton. Harnessed into a bunch of rope and bowline knot of my own making, I stood frozen, terrified to take the initial step backwards off of a sheer overhang cliff. That’s when the guide tossed a pebble at me and bellowed, “Live, […]

Pressure Drop: Zimri’s Electronic Tire Gauge

By |Monday, June 3, 2013|

There’s nothing that can’t be made better through the power of wireless, and that goes for my new tire pressure gauge. It offers real-time monitoring of my four car tires. Should the pressure on any tire drop below 25psi, my Zimri Tire Pressure Monitoring System gives me a beep or  a visual alarm telling me to take action.
Perfect for Older Cars 
If you’ve got a new […]

Stand Up While You Type: It’s Healthier

By |Sunday, May 19, 2013|

Scientists are blaming sitting for ailments as far flung as weight gain, back problems and blood clots. I know this because I’ve been sitting at my desk for the past 5 hours while researching sitting! 
Did you know that many of us spend more than half of our waking hours sitting down – be it a desk, car or in front of TV? Mobile life has […]

CE Pro Talks about the Success of the Silvers Summit

By |Friday, May 10, 2013|

 CE Pro Talks about the Success of the Silvers Summit
In a thoughtful article, Jason Kott, talks about the challenges of the health market from a home installation service perspective.

Study Finds Mom is Preferable to Dad When it Comes to Moving Back with the Kids

By |Wednesday, May 1, 2013|

Read the results of the recent study by www.visitingangels.com.  When it comes to caring for an elderly parent: Mom wins points for being neater and more helpful than Dad.
The siblings are going to spar (and not to see which one keep the parents), and the fears include not having enough room, money or tolerance for stress to adequately care for an aging parent.
Here’s the full summary […]

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Older Adults and the Shifting Landscape

By |Monday, April 29, 2013|

Thanks to http://lively.com for putting together the quick picture of the opportunity to engage older consumers in the high tech world.

Consumer Cellular and Samsung Galaxy at Top of Silvers Summit News

By |Tuesday, April 2, 2013|

Spotlight on Samsung and Consumer Cellular
Quietly, the evolution to a variety of services and products that meet the needs of older population are taking hold.
This month, I met with CEO John Marick of Consumer Cellular, a mobile carrier with a unique point of view. They may not be in the same league as AT&T or Verizon, but then again, that’s not what they’re after. […]

Microsoft’s Kinect Connects with Seniors

By |Saturday, March 2, 2013|

As part of an ongoing series for AARP, Gary Kaye, one of our Silver Summit family and creator of In the Boom Box TV   looks at some of the new programs aimed at keeping boomers and seniors engaged and active members of their communities. One of the programs discussed, Self Help, is a cutting edge way of bringing engagement to those who might otherwise live as “shut […]

Coming Soon to Senior Living – the Consumer Electronics Show

By |Tuesday, January 29, 2013|

Jack York is the CEO and co-founder of It’s Never Too Late.  Here are his impressions of CES 2013.
Remember being 10 years old, heading to Disneyland, (I grew up in Southern California so that’s my frame of reference – plug in your own favorite amusement park), feeling your heart race as you waited in line to get on the Matterhorn ???  As you get into […]

The 30th Anniversary of the Internet on Mashable

By |Saturday, January 5, 2013|

Mashable’s Andrea Smith interviews Google’s Chief Evangelist, Vinton Ceft, about driverless cars, mobile technology, and the 30th anniversary of the Internet. Read more here.

Gary Kaye: “The Day That Facebook Mattered”

By |Tuesday, December 18, 2012|

Gary Kaye, creator of intheboombox.tv, lives in Newton, Connecticut and offers this poignant look at his community, and the larger Facebook community after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

Digital Health and the Monitored Life

By |Monday, December 17, 2012|

Want to know what to expect from the 2013 Digital Health Summit at CES? Read Robin Raskin’s blog for the Huffington Post for the inside scoop.

By |Thursday, December 13, 2012|

FabOverFifity recently put out their Holiday Gift Guide 2012, and Robin Raskin gets a mention in the Teen section for the AfterShokz Sportz M2 headphones.

Arianna Huffington & Deepak Chopra MD

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