Project Description

The Internet is a vital digital connection, even considered a lifeline to our friends, finances, health information, news, commerce and even the world. With the business world migrating entirely online, it is essential that all adult individuals be able to utilize the internet or risk being cut off from vital connectivity and information. Feeling safe, comfortable and protected online, especially in our increasingly connected and mobile world, is another matter. One of the greatest inhibitors to adoption is a fear of online privacy and security. How can companies help their customers feel safe while online?

Join Judith Bitterli from AVG, a long-time leader in privacy and online security, as she shares critical information for all businesses: how they can help boomers and seniors feel safe and secure online. Bitterli, who regularly blogs on tech topics for Boomers at, will share insights and attitudes about privacy and protection so your customer can have confidence accessing all the things they need – from health and financial records to social sites and more.

Presenters: Judith Bitterli, Chief Marketing Officer, AVG Technologies