Project Description

Join Lance Ulanoff, Chief Correspondent and Editor at Large from Mashable, as he leads the first-ever robotic panel at CES! There wasn’t a day in 2014 where robots didn’t make the headlines, and the developments continue to blow our minds. This very unique session brings together two world-renowned robotic creators and their most-intelligent machine creations as they share the remarkable advances that will assist caregivers and seniors now and in the future. And you won’t want to miss our Beam’d in special guest!

Moderator: Lance Ulanoff, Chief Correspondent & Editor at Large, Mashable

Special Guests: NAO the Robot, Friend & Companion, Aldebaran SaviOne, Robotic Butler, Savioke Inc.

Speakers: Dr. Steve Cousins, CEO, Founder, Savioke Inc. Bruno Maisonnier, Founder & CEO, Aldebaran