Project Description

Mary Furlong, a visionary who founded SeniorNet 30 years ago, knew then what we take for granted now: that online access boosts the ability to work and volunteer as well as provides access to health, purchasing, travel, and new skills and ideas. Yet Internet use drops off after the age of 75. According to Pew Research, six in ten American seniors now go online and just under half have a broadband connection at home.

Thomas Kamber has a mission to help those offline benefit from all that is online. He is the founding Executive Director of Older Adults Technology Services (OATS)—the largest municipal technology program for senior citizens in the country. This session will explore 1) why closing the Digital Divide is so critical to the wellbeing and longevity of older adults, and 2) how every company at CES can increase their reach to this market by taking an active role to getting these individuals online.

Leading this discussion is Laurie Orlov, a top analyst for the 50+ market who has been proactively beating the drum to help bring seniors online and understands the nuances of making this a reality. More importantly, she isn’t afraid of asking the tough questions and pushing the envelope to generate the changes we need.

Moderator: Laurie Orlov, Principal Analyst, Aging in Place Technology Watch

Speakers: Dr. Mary Furlong, CEO, Mary Furlong & Associates Thomas Kamber, Executive Director, Older Adults Technology Services