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Robin Raskin is a veteran tech journalist and founder of Living in Digital Times. She created Last Gadget Standing. An author, editor, magazine publisher, blogger, and TV and radio personality, and consultant, Raskin says she's never met a media she doesn't like, and is happiest when she's writing about technology's second citizens: kids and seniors, or about women and technology.

My Quantified Mom: Lively Lets Me Monitor Mom and Still Keep My Distance

By |Wednesday, October 16, 2013|

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Let’s Talk about High Tech Dying

By |Wednesday, July 17, 2013|

Thirty […]

Stand Up While You Type: It’s Healthier

By |Sunday, May 19, 2013|

Study Finds Mom is Preferable to Dad When it Comes to Moving Back with the Kids

By |Wednesday, May 1, 2013|

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Older Adults and the Shifting Landscape

By |Monday, April 29, 2013|

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Consumer Cellular and Samsung Galaxy at Top of Silvers Summit News

By |Tuesday, April 2, 2013|

Microsoft’s Kinect Connects with Seniors

By |Saturday, March 2, 2013|

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Coming Soon to Senior Living – the Consumer Electronics Show

By |Tuesday, January 29, 2013|

Jack […]

The 30th Anniversary of the Internet on Mashable

By |Saturday, January 5, 2013|

Mashable’s […]

Gary Kaye: “The Day That Facebook Mattered”

By |Tuesday, December 18, 2012|

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Digital Health and the Monitored Life

By |Monday, December 17, 2012|

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By |Thursday, December 13, 2012|

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Introducing Wellocracy at the 2013 Silvers Summit

By |Wednesday, November 28, 2012|

Wellocrasy […]

Tech Help for Aging’s Little Problems

By |Tuesday, November 27, 2012|

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Holiday Gifts for Boomers and Seniors

By |Friday, November 16, 2012|

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High Tech/Low Cost Gifts for the Older Folks in Your Life

By |Wednesday, November 14, 2012|

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Boomers Upgrade to Windows 8

By |Friday, November 2, 2012|

Microsoft’s […]

Google Plus Grandma: How Smart Moms Survive In The Information Jungle by Laura Simpson

By |Friday, November 2, 2012|

Internet: Opiate of the People?

By |Tuesday, October 16, 2012|

Marx […]

A Bright Future for the High Tech Death Market

By |Wednesday, October 10, 2012|

Death […]

ReadWriteWeb’s Buying a Mobile Phone in Six Easy Steps

By |Tuesday, October 2, 2012|

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MobileTrax Weighs in on Nokia’s New Lumia 920

By |Friday, September 14, 2012|

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Trend Micro Focuses on Social Networking Protection

By |Tuesday, September 11, 2012|

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Computing My Facebook Addiction

By |Tuesday, September 4, 2012|

Are China’s Grandparents a Model for the US?

By |Tuesday, September 4, 2012|

A […]