2014 Silvers Summit
Tuesday, January 7
LVCC North Hall, Room N256


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Session Description

9:00-9:35 a.m.

WELCOME & KEYNOTE: The Future in the Fast Lane

Grab a front-row seat for the extremely rare opportunity to hear Keynote speaker Sheryl Connelly, global head of trends and futuring for Ford Motor Company where she will present an exclusive insider’s look at how global trends are impacting the boomer and aging populations.



Jill Gilbert, Producer, Digital Health & Silvers Summits



Sheryl Connelly, Global Trends and Futuring Expert, Ford Motor Company

9:40-9:55 a.m.

From the Eyes of Giants: Constructing the New Vision of Aging

With billions of dollars backing them and millions of consumers pushing them forward, major companies are reinventing what it means to get older. As enabling living becomes the new standard, how are these giants using technologies to alter the aging process--making us more connected, social and mobile?



Daniel Hubbell, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Corp.

10:00-10:45 a.m.

Home Sweet Radical Home

The home of the now is personal, adaptable and connected with technology smack dab in the center of it all. Our basic requirements are for accessibility, safety, security and ease. Learn how some of the leading technologies are breaking new ground combining good looks with remarkable function and remarkable usability.



Lisa Suennen, Managing Member, Psilos Group Managers



Iggy Fanlo, CEO & Co-founder, Lively
Donald Jones, Vice President, Global strategy & Market Development, Qualcomm Life
Fred Maxik, Founder and CEO, Lighting Science Group
Mark Hanson, Product Development Lead, Wellness, Alarm.com

10:50-11:35 a.m.

Seniors and Technology: Oil and Water, or the Perfect Cocktail?

In the past decade, incredible technologies have taken the center stage and show no signs of slowing down. Although business is booming, consumer adoption is looming. What is going wrong? Are companies taking the right approach? Join us in this provocative debate as we get down to the real reasons boomers and seniors are slow to adopt.



Eric Taub, Writer, New York Times



Stephen Ewell, Executive Director, CEA Foundation
Dr. Aenor Sawyer, Assoc Director, Center for Digital Health Innovation, UCSF
Jody Holtzman, SVP, Thought Leadership, AARP
Steven Mayer, Director, J3
Peter Falt, Director, Creative Consulting, BMW Group DesignworksUSA

11:40 a.m.-12:25 p.m.

How Technology is Increasing Caregiving’s Cool Factor

Whether for professional or family caregivers, technological innovations are being produced in mass. But not all deliver the same level of quality or provide significant benefit to the caregiver or their loved one. Which revolutionary breakthroughs will change caregiving forever and how can future innovations learn from the best?



Gary Kaye, Chief Content Officer, In The Boombox



Kian Saneii, CEO, Independa, Inc.
David Inns, CEO, GreatCall, Inc
John de Souza, President and CEO, MedHelp
Noland Katter, Business Development Executive, Anybots, Inc.
Dr. QB, Robot, Anybots, Inc.

12:25-1:15 p.m.

Luncheon & Keynote: 50+ in the Digital Age

Although today's seniors didn’t grow up with computers, the internet, and social media, they are still the fastest growing market segment adopting these technologies. Couple that with the transformation of healthcare at all levels, and it’s paramount that we understand how this demographic is engaging with new technologies, social tools and creating communities online. 

Join Terry Clark, Chief Marketing Officer, UnitedHealthcare Medicare and Retirement, as he explores how the emerging digital senior will accelerate healthcare transformation and drive adoption and loyalty for the brands that get it right.




Terry Clark, Chief Marketing Officer of UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement, UnitedHealthcare

1:20-1:50 p.m.

Special Luminary Session: Transforming Retirement—A Digital Pioneer Reinvents an Industry

When Dr. Warren, founder and CEO of eHarmony, decided to launch a new career in place of retirement, little did he know he would revolutionize the way we fall in love. And with over hundreds of thousands of 50+ subscribers, this 79-year-old digital pioneer’s ability to capture this audience is astounding. Join us for this riveting one-on-one.


Special Guests:

Dr. Neil Clark Warren, Founder and CEO, eHarmony.com

1:55-2:35 pm

The 50+ IT LIST

They’ve been called a finicky market that doesn’t know yet what they want...well we believe they know exactly what they like and exactly what they need. So let’s get the real story. Join the showdown: Silvers’ tech innovators pitch their products to a curated board of our 50+ Tech Judges.



Jeffrey Makowka, Senior Strategic Advisor, AARP



Carly Shuler, Co-founder, Kindoma
Dr. Jean-Claude Junqua, Vice President, Panasonic
Krijn van der Raadt, Vice President IT & Software Development, GreatCall Inc.

2:40-3:25 p.m.

Design Useful Things We LOVE!

Designing for this population has never been more important, yet more of a challenge. Truly mastering this market will be a crucial key in creating amazing products that engage consumers. This burgeoning population has demanded loud and clear, their desire for products that are simple to use and easy to fall in love with.



Halle Tecco, CEO, Rock Health



Dr. Anupam Pathak, CEO, Lift Labs
Ant Creed, GM, Experience Design, DDSTUDIO
Dr. Laurel Christensen, Chief Audiology Officer, GN ReSound
Jeh Kazimi, Founder & CEO, Breezie

3:30-4:10 p.m.

Sandwich Tech

As the number of adults “sandwiched” between two generations skyrockets, the increased demand for new products and services is ever present. How can these new technologies bridge the communication, organization and socialization gaps these sandwichers need so desperately.



Katy Fike, Co-Founder, Aging2.0



Chris Otto, Vice President of Product Development, MobileHelp
Joanne Lang, Founder & CEO, AboutOne
Valerie Jurik, Independent Living Strategist, i-SaiSo

4:15-5:00 p.m.

Cracking the Distribution Code

There is no question that the biggest hurdle facing companies producing products for the 50+ market center around messaging, consumer education and channel distribution. Discover the insights that will give your company a leg up in cracking the code and propel your company to new heights.



David Weigelt, President / CEO, Immersion Active



Ed Keller, President, EarQ
Kevin Harrington, Chairman and Founder, As Seen On TV, Inc.
Tony Wells, SVP, CMO, The ADT Corporation