Company: ReSound

Nothing can make you feel more out of touch than not being able to understand your loved ones as they laugh and talk at a crowded table. And if you are one of the 35 million people around the globe who wears a hearing aid, you know you will have to take out your hearing aid and adjust the volume just to make sense of conversations as you move from one environment to another. 

If you find yourself in this sometimes-embarrassing-and-always-annoying situation and have an iPhone,you are in luck. That’s because ReSound’s LiNX hearing aid will improve users’ quality of life by putting the power of hearing in the palm of your hand. 

In December, ReSound —one of the world’s largest hearing aid makers—released the first “Made for iPhone” hearing aid. ReSound LiNX works by incorporating industry-leading, 3rd generation 2.4 GHz wireless technology into a tiny hearing aid and can be controlled, for the first time, through the swipe of a finger on your iPhone without the need for an intermediary device. Combining the two technologies allows users to personally tailor their hearing experience through the ReSound iPhone app. 

Beyond allowing you to adjust the volume of your hearing aid with the ease, the ReSound LiNX lets users hear and connect to just about anything they want on their phone. Whatever is playing on your iPhone, whether its music, a video or even a phone call is streamed directly to your hearing aid. 

Combined with incredible sound quality, this ability pushes the ReSound LiNX beyond the realm of ordinary hearing aids, by also functioning as wireless headphones – something that might actually make your kids and grandkids jealous when they are fiddling with their own headphone wires. 

It’s not just about entertainment. The ReSound LiNX adapts to your environment based on your own personalized settings. While the app has one-touch program settings, it can also store preferences for locations you frequent and automatically adjust on your return. Go from the car into your favorite noisy restaurant? The device senses your location and updates your settings accordingly, ensuring an easy, customized and best-possible hearing experience without having to do a thing. 

It truly is the world’s smartest hearing aid. 

It’s no wonder that Morgan Stanley calls the ReSound LiNX the “first attempt to turn a hearing aid into more of a lifestyle product.” The technological revolution that has transformed the way we communicate and use computers has finally come to hearing aids. Its name? The ReSound LiNX.