There’s nothing that can’t be made better through the power of wireless, and that goes for my new tire pressure gauge. It offers real-time monitoring of my four car tires. Should the pressure on any tire drop below 25psi, my Zimri Tire Pressure Monitoring System gives me a beep or  a visual alarm telling me to take action.

Perfect for Older Cars 

If you’ve got a new car you can quit reading (unless your tire pressure system indicator light isn’t working). All new cars after 2007 have tire pressure systems built in, thanks to a Clinton Administration mandate. Even though 2007 seems like a long time ago, people are keeping cars for longer periods, and there are tens of millions of pre-2007 cars still on the road. Including ours.

If you drive one of these pre-2007 vehicles, an add-on pressure monitoring system like Zimri’s makes sense. Soft tires don’t maneuver well, they decrease your gas mileage, and they can fail dramatically, especially at high speed on hot summer roadways.

We know we’ve got a slow leak in one tire, because we add a few lbs of air every 2nd or 3rd time we fill the tank. So we definitely are the target market for the  Zimri  TPMS. The Zimri device includes  four wireless sensors that mount on each tire’s air valve. The sensors report to a small display/controller that plugs into your cigarette lighter. If a tire has low pressure, the controller beeps and indicates the problem. The Zimri can also report high pressure, which is a bit less common, but can happen.

While we worried that using expensive sensors on each tire’s air valve would leave them open to theft, it’s been about 8 weeks and they’re still very much attached to the tires.  The only negative? Zimri  uses the cigarette lighter socket (in short supply in most cars) which means you’ll have to get a splitter contraption for the cigarette lighter if you use it along with your GPS or cell phone charger.

Zimri’s website

Price: $169.99