Scientists are blaming sitting for ailments as far flung as weight gain, back problems and blood clots. I know this because I’ve been sitting at my desk for the past 5 hours while researching sitting! 

Did you know that many of us spend more than half of our waking hours sitting down – be it a desk, car or in front of TV? Mobile life has probably freed us from the chains of the chair to a degree, but not much. 

A threat to my own health I’ve been playing around with a few things to break the sitting habit. I won’t say I’m rehabilitated as a “sitter” but I’ve added some variety to the routine. I’ll share a few tips.


First tip: The Stand-Up Desk 

The folks at Uncaged Ergonomics  let me test their  WorkEZ Cool laptop stand. I’ve dubbed it the Kama Sutra of laptop stands because it’s endlessly versatile. You can either create a standing lectern that’s adjustable to many heights, or tuck it over your lap to use as a bed tray. I even used it in the kitchen to keep my laptop off the counter during cooking. And it’s only my husband who stopped me from using it while I dried my hair.

The $100 version I tested has a built in two USB cooling fans to stop your lap from overheating, but the cooling fans may not be necessary if you have a modern low-power laptop computer. The roomy 18 x 11 inch tray is also a bit large for my petite laptop. But I’d definitely buy one of the company’s lighter models, like the $70 Executive, and use it to vary my typing stance. 

The WorkEZ Cool is highly adjustable but there are others.  For a more natural look, check out the Ergo  or the adjustable Kanagroo Pro . I didn’t try either, but the look is very appealing. 

I like the WorkEZ because you’re not confined to standing; it’s just one the many chameleons-like options. 

What else have I learned while typing standing up? Ernest Hemingway wrote standing. So did Leonardo DaVinci and Thomas Jefferson.  I’m not taking that sitting down! 

Next up we’ll look at timers to tell you when you’re sitting too long.