Valencell’s PerformTek:

If you’re into health and fitness or a trainer or athlete, it’s the type of gadget that you’ll definitely find some usefulness for. It’s a real-time provider of biometric readings, inclusive of heart rate, distance, speed, and calories burned. In interviewing this group, the proof is in the pudding. So, their showcase entailed showing the product in action. You have people; there are using the buds which doubles’ as sensors and earphones; and via the app and smart device in use, a large display reflected the physiological data. Thus, while jogging or biking or walking or racing, you can view results as happening, or check out at your leisure later. (

From a business perspective, their mindset illustrates how alliances and partnerships are an effective pathway for success. They have the technology, but they leave the earplug portion to an entity, like Iriver Ltd, who knows better that side of the equation. And accordingly, they have a process for dialoguing with industries to expand the potential application, healthcare and sports being the obvious ones. No doubt interest is being shown.