Focus on safety and health. This trend is most obvious in the mushrooming number of companies pitching monitoring devices, some stand-alone and many that make use of smartphones’ built-in sensors, to track your vital data or even your baby’s.

But here’s my personal favorite: AfterShokz headphones, which bypass your outer ear and conduct sounds to your inner ear and brain via your cheekbones. A military version reportedly helped the Navy SEALs during the Osama bin Laden raid.

New this year, to complement last year’s award-winning version, is a Bluetooth version. Like the original, AfterShokz Bluez wraps around the back of your head and loops over your ears, leaving them open to other sounds – like that of the car that’s about to hit you when you’re chilling on music.

CEO Bruce Borenstein said that Britain had blamed “iPod oblivion” for as many as 17 accidents a day, and that several U.S. states were considering headphone restrictions.