Relationship & Caregiving

eCareDiary was created based on our experience with a family member who suffered from Parkinson’s disease. is on a social mission to help family caregivers help their loved ones age in place and age with dignity.

eCareDiary empowers family caregivers with free tools, information and resources to help them become better health managers and advocates for their loved ones. One of the main features is the Care Diary, a medication and appointment management tool enabling families to store and share their loved one’s information in a secure, private place. Other features include a search engine of care providers throughout the country, a shopping portal of eldercare products, a long term care cost calculator, and database of advanced directives by state.

eCareDiary also features articles, a weekly radio show and video show with the purpose of educating and informing caregivers on all aspects of eldercare. A new addition is a series of monthly webinars. All shows and webinars are archived for on demand access.

What problem/issue does your product or service solve for those age 50+? :
  • Communication, education and engagement
What is the biggest enhancement of your product/service for those age 50+: Intergenerational interaction and learning (includes family caregiving)