Company: Consumer Cellular
Category: Relationship & Caregiving

The Doro PhoneEasy 410 is a phone that is not only easy for seniors to use, it gives them the comfort of safety and security. The phone comes with large, separated buttons for easy dialing and a bright screen which displays numbers and letters in large fonts for those with diminished vision. It’s hearing aid compatible with M3/T4 and comes with a 2-way, hands-free speakerphone.

One of its most popular features is the one-press emergency call button on the back of phone, allowing seniors to alert a pre-programmed emergency contact from within their phone’s contact list if they find themselves in an emergency situation.

The phone’s features are basic, making it simple to operate. It also comes with free popular accessories including: a handy neckstrap for carrying the phone, a wall charger and mini-headphones.

Below is a quote from one of our customers talking about this product:

“The screens are so colorful and easy to read! Thanks for caring so much about your customers.”

Vonda Mailen

The Doro PhoneEasy 410 is one of our most popular phones because seniors love them. Most cell phones target the younger audience with the latest and greatest features and new designs. But seniors prefer the Doro because it’s uncomplicated, basic and easy. And fortunately when they choose the Doro they aren’t sacrificing the design. The Doro comes in black, white and burgundy which gives seniors a variety of classic color options.

The Doro PhoneEasy, along with Consumer Cellular’s affordable service plans, has enabled seniors to partake in the convenience and safety of cell phone service that other demographics enjoy.

Consumer Cellular is the exclusive provider of Doro PhoneEasy within the United States.

What problem/issue does your product or service solve for those age 50+? :
  • Limited mobility and agility
  • Limitations with eyesight or hearing
  • Communication, education and engagement
What is the biggest enhancement of your product/service for those age 50+: Safety (in the home, car, community, etc.)