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DAD is the first mobile, compact cell-based PERS–personal emergency response system–that works from anywhere, in or out of the home, in the form factor of a large watch. Because it has a GSM cell phone with a regular cell number, speaker phone and GPS and movement sensitive accelerometer it can provide:
1-Senior safety from anywhere, in or out of the home, by STRAIGHT 2-WAY VOICE and, uniquely, sending an SMS-text to the emergency call center and caregivers for redundant security.
2-Out bound, one-button speed-dialing voice communication with key caregivers;
3-In-bound communication wherever the senior is, with easy, hands-free, automatic answer calls so the senior is kept in constant communication, so important to senior well-being.
4-The GPS allows the caregivers to locate the senior at any time and speak to the wandering senior. The GPS also provides the ability to draw a virtual boundary, eFence, the senior, in the seniors area of comfortability and notify the caregivers if the senior strays outside this area, enabling safe retrieval of the senior.
5- The accelerometer notifies the emergency call center if the senior falls suddenly and, since the accelerometer is programmable, it notifies the caregiver if the senior is inactive for a set amount of time, possibly preventing falls.

In summary, DAD is the first device uniquely providing in- and out-of-home safety and communication services that are way beyond conventional PERS.

What problem/issue does your product or service solve for those age 50+? :
  • Limited mobility and agility
  • Communication, education and engagement
What is the biggest enhancement of your product/service for those age 50+: Safety (in the home, car, community, etc.)