Company: BeClose
Category: Relationship & Caregiving

BeClose helps families stay connected and provide the best in home care for seniors. Whether you are across the street or across the country, BeClose’s independent living technology for seniors provides a safety net for everyone.

Discrete wireless sensors are placed throughout the home to track activity. Caregivers view information about activity in the home on a private web page or set up custom notifications to send alerts to mobile devices or email should anything be out of the ordinary. No need for constant worrying; the system will tell you how things are going, even when you’re on the go.

BeClose is completely wireless – no broadband internet or second phone lines required – and it’s easy to set up – no holes to drill or wires to run. Instant Peace of Mind.

What problem/issue does your product or service solve for those age 50+? :
  • Limited mobility and agility
  • Limitations with eyesight or hearing
  • Cognitive thinking skills/brain health
  • Communication, education and engagement
What is the biggest enhancement of your product/service for those age 50+: Social connectivity or networks (help in eliminating isolation)