Company: ADT Security Services, Inc.
Relationship & Caregiving

ADT Pulse(SM) Interactive Solutions is a smart home solution that goes beyond traditional home security to provide Seniors, Family members, and Caregivers a new level of control and connection with their home and loved ones.  The system can be accessed from any web-enabled computer, mobile phone or tablet allowing for convenience and flexibility.

ADT Pulse includes a full-featured remote security system for intrusion and fire detection to help protect consumers from unsafe situations and environmental conditions.  It goes beyond life safety and allows for lighting and thermostat control as well as remote secure video viewing.

Not only can the ADT Pulse security system be remotely armed/disarmed, it can send customized text or email messages for important scheduled events that did or did not occur, such as the opening of a medicine cabinet at a certain time.  ADT Pulse systems also include motion detector(s) that can alert a Caregiver when there is activity or inactivity in the home.  It can even be programmed to turn on a light when movement is detected to help ensure safety at night.  Family members or Caregivers can better understand what’s happening by viewing real-time video or stored video clips from ADT Pulse cameras covering different areas of the home.    And, for Seniors with limited mobility or agility, they can reach for the 7″ interactive color touchscreen which lets them manage their system.

Moreover, ADT Pulse now makes all these features easy-to-use and affordable for Seniors, Family members, and Caregivers.  Consumers may choose from the Select, Advantage or Premier packages, which are backed by ADT Security Services, America’s #1 security company.  ADT also has the largest network of home security sales & service personnel in the country and six advanced monitoring centers providing 24/7/365 emergency response & technical support ready to be there when needed most.

What problem/issue does your product or service solve for those age 50+? :
  • Limited mobility and agility
  • Limitations with eyesight or hearing
  • Communication, education and engagement
What is the biggest enhancement of your product/service for those age 50+: Intergenerational interaction and learning (includes family caregiving)