The Generation That Created the Internet Reaps the Benefits of a Connected Lifestyle
Good things come to those who wait. The old adage says much about today’s boomer population. As they approach retirement, and create an unprecedented tilt in the demographic, technology is a well won badge. We’re looking at the first generation to expect high tech solutions to help them transition into active retirement and beyond. 
Now You Can Reap the Benefits of this New Market
With life expectancy longer than ever, the new generation of mature adults has an ever deepening relationship with technology to keep them engaged, active, and vital. Lifelong Tech looks at the market factors, buying habits and the new products, services and experiences created with the older adult in mind. From home automation to autonomous cars, from wearable technology to cloud services, this the audience that finds itself in the sweet spot for innovative solutions.
Top Ten Reasons to Exhibit and Participate
2015 Lifelong Tech Summit

  • Boomer Spending Power
    The Bureau of Labor Statistics, disposable income for Americans 50+ was over $3 trillion. That age group also accounted for almost one half of all expenditures.
  • Boomers Embrace Technology
    Contrary to popular perception, the relationship between boomers and tech is love! In a recent study, Nielsen, together with BoomAgers, found that boomers are “as likely as younger cohorts to experiment with new products.” The study found that there is a clear growing hunger for products and services tailored to satisfy the needs, interests and aspirations of the rapidly growing mature consumer market.
  • Boomers Travel the World
    According to the travel marketers association, Boomers consider travel a necessity, not a luxury. They shop online and buy products to support their travel efforts.
  • Boomers Are High Volume Online Shoppers
    They spend $7 billion on online shopping, are active in social media, and represent one of the highest TV viewership.
  • Boomers Want High Tech Solutions
    They depend on high tech answers to the problems that tend to accompany aging: vision and hearing loss, balance loss, aches and pains and others.
  • Boomers are Sandwiched Between Caring for their Aging FamiliesYoung and Old
    In part, the double phenomena of delaying having children along with the longevity of the elder generation have squeezed this generation of boomers from both sides. Technology offers them tools to help manage.
  • Boomers are the First Generation to Benefit from the ‘Quantified Self’ Movement
    Knowing their bodies intakes and outtakes will help them determine their actions. One researcher calls this the age of the “connected senior.”
  • Boomers get Around
    They will be the first to adopt the emerging assisted-driver cars that will offer ways to extend the safe driving years.”
  • Boomers have Wealth
    Fair or not, boomers hold 70 percent of America’s wealth and control 80 percent of household purchase decisions. They also will inherit an estimated $15 trillion in the next 20 years.”
  • In the U.S.
    1/3 of babies born today can expect to live to their 100th birthday.”

2015 International CES
LifeLong Tech Summit

TechZone Exhibits
January 6-9, 2015
Sands Expo


Date: January 6, 2015
Venetian, Level 2, Bellini Room #2006

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